5 Steps to a Healthier You.

We’ve all been there, we have a binge on chocolate, pizza or Chinese and sit there and think ‘ diet starts Monday’. However, I think this whole idea of being on a diet is what causes us to fail!  Plus, I’m not a fan of the term diet -We’re constantly seeing in magazines or social media to cut our carbs or have only fruit for lunch or try these juice cleanses which are all in reality just fads. I myself, over the course of 3 years have lost 2 stone and over the course of 5 years lost 3stone – all through small lifestyle changes that are easily achievable, that you could incorporate into your daily life to make you a little bit healthier.

Porridge for breakfast!

Porridge for breakfast was one of my simple changes which changed my lifestyle, they’re so so easy to make and also very delicious. Oats are full of fibre & you can mix it and make it into so many different ways, they also give you what I call ‘porridge belly’ which is essential that they are but they keep you so full for a long time! A good bowl of porridge will set you up for the day ahead and as they say “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper”.  With Porridge, you can make overnight oats, or pair it up with your favourite fruit and berries – add a generous dollop of honey or even be a little bit cheeky and pop some Nutella on it. Either way, it’s an easy step towards a healthier you. 

Go Walking.

Walking is something that I started when I was gifted my Fitbit from my boyfriend about 3 years ago. I simply stook to my 10k steps a day and my weight dropped off it was insane. Three years later, I still walk as much as I can because going to the gym can be such an effort sometimes & to be honest you can depending on how long your walk is, burn just as many calories. 10k steps a day is recommended by The British Heart Foundation as the minimum amount you need for a healthy heart. So even if you can’t do 10k a day, walk to work every now and again. You’ll feel the difference.

Herbal Teas

I don’t drink regular tea or coffee so when I have a hot drink on a night, I usually sit down to a lemon and ginger, ginger or green tea. Herbal teas have so many different benefits to them and there are flavours to suit everyone. The reason I suggest herbal tea rather than regular tea is obviously you don’t need the added milk and sugar in your system. So have a try and switch one of your cuppa’s with a herbal tea. yum.

Leftovers for lunch

This was a biggie for me but not only did it make me healthier it also benefited my bank account too! I work in foods so it’s very easy for me to go an grab stuff from the bakery at work or just a small meal deal but they really do mount up! Instead, I batch cook dinner the night before then I bring leftovers to work the next day and pair it up with pasta, rice or couscous. If you don’t batch cook, then do a specific one for your lunch which you like and enjoy. I often do one at the end of the week, I roast all my leftover veg, a little bit of oil, basil and Italian herb seasonings and mix it all with couscous. so healthy and so quick and easy!

Water Water Water

Ditch those fizzy drink girls & boys and invest in a cute water bottle. Fizzy drinks are so awful for you regardless if they’re full sugar or sweeteners – the only thing your body wants is water and you should be drinking up to 8litres a day. Invest in a water bottle with an infuser and pop some lemon or other fruit in it if you don’t like the taste. I drink so much water is ridiculous and the reason I do is that I have about 3 water bottles.

The thing is, all these make me feel like a happier and healthier person! They’re such easy changes to make and they don’t have to be all at once. Still, enjoy food and have the chocolate though 😉


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