Skincare That Finally Works

So after I came back from Florida my skin was a mess. Usually, when people go into the sunshine it clears up their skin and tightens up their pores and they come back glowing..but not me. It seems to open them up like the gates of Mordor. I think definitely a combination of eating fast food 24/7 for about 2 weeks and not using a day and night cream on holiday. I haven’t used day and night cream for a while because usually when I run out, I get sidetracked in not using one for a while – it’s always at the bottom of my list..  until now!

*drum roll please* Tadaaa! Introducing Palmer’s cocoa butter day & night creams. These for me where a bit of a random buy in Superdrug one day, looking at all the day and night creams constantly thinking * I normally use no7 but I can’t afford it so which one is as good for a cheaper price* kind of mentality stumbled across these little beauties. I love the cocoa butter body cream, I knew that this brand was so good for the body, by what about face?


First of all, guys let me say that the products are £7.99 each! So you’re talking just under £16 for skin care – which I know is cheap and usually, as a rule, you’re kinda told to stay away from cheap skincare because it’s soooo important to look after your skin now while you’re young! My mum always used to give me no7/Clarins skin care, but unless I’ve taken extra hours I just can’t afford £40 on skincare. Luckily now, I don’t have too!

So as I said, the products are cheap & can be found in Superdrug (that’s where I got mine) and the only other thing I used with my skin is the Garnier Micellar water, twice a day when I take my makeup off on a night, then when I wake up in the morning to take off my night cream residue before a shower etc. Both products are incredibly creamy and soft and contain no parabens, or dyes but are enriched with shea butter and aloe. They are also against animal testing. (yey) The day cream is SPF 15 which means you don’t have to double up on suncream. 

The change in my skin from using these two products is amazing. I know the photos aren’t great but they’re the same ones I sent to my mum and without sounding cocky – I think my look looks amazing! I have nothing on my face – taken early in the morning, no day cream just the morning after the night before.  I have used a lot of different skincare routines in my ripe 24 years of living and my skin has always struggled. Not so much with spots but redness, my cheeks are forehead is a little bit dry in comparison to my oily skin so the combination of them both was really difficult. The skin care would get rid of my spots but never combine my complexion – but the Palmers do! For the first time in years, my face is all the same colour and texture without the need for a foundation. My confidence has grown, I fell comfortable to have a fresh face of makeup. My mum (who is a complete Clarins snob) even said that my skin looked amazing and that she was going to try some!


SO there you go ladies & gents (yes boys, take care of your skin too!) Amazing skin care for an affordable price – so what are you waiting for?

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lots of love

Flo x


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