London Baby

So I may be a little bit late on blogging about this – but this is the only free time I’ve had in weeks! I am lucky enough to have an amazing friend *hola Becky, if you’re reading* who now lives in London & from time to time, lets me stay with her so we can explore a bit. ( – I’m such a tourist). I was also lucky enough to bag a 5 day weekend off at work while it was the Royal Wedding! Putting two and two together, I just had to go right? Every time I’m down (around 2/3 times a year – I try my best on the wage that I have lol) we try and do something different – so hang on because I’ve got some good reviews of some well-known blogging photo spots in London & how I spent celebrating Harry & Meg’s big day.


On my first day, we ended up doing a lot of walking which I don’t mind because I have a Fitbit & it’s all about the step goals & as per we ended up in Leicester Square & having an amazing burger lunch at Meat Liquor. Honestly – it was to die for. Unfortunately, I have no piccies because we were so hungry we essentially inhaled the food. Its a bit dark and twisted inside but the food – NEXT LEVEL. They also do veggie & vegan options too so you really have no excuse 😉

It was also a day for firsts – I went to see my first show, which was Les Miserables! What a show it was, we were able to get nonrestrictive seat views for about £45 on the night so little tip, its maybe not best to buy show tickets online as they can retail for 50+ so have a snoop around at the ticket stalls! I’ve watched the movie & it moved me to tears but watching it live made me bawl like a baby. The production and the quality of everything down to the details & the voices were immaculate if you go to London and want to see a show, I urge you to make this the top of your list. Incredible.


Up early the next day to make our way to a London Park to watch Harry & Meghan tie the knot at Windsor. We stopped off at M&S to get picnic items (where else guys) and made our way to Green Park, where we realized quickly that we looked up the wrong information on the wrong wedding. There was no showing of Harry & Meg’s wedding, we read the info on Wills & Kate. Creasing ourselves and about an hour later we ended up in Greenwich Park where the wedding was showing. Glorious day, picnic in toe about to walk through the gate and we get *sorry miss we are at capacity* – excuse me? Bare in mind 1) it’s a public park and 2) it was half empty – we tried to get in at another gate where they again told us we were at capacity. Luckily for us, we had a rather feisty middle-aged London- Greenwich resident to be exact- woman, fighting this guy tooth and nail to let us in. That didn’t make them budge though – what did make them budge was the fact we were blocking the entrance for cars & a woman was on her way there, to get married. (I mean who gets married on the same day as Harry and Meghan?) She couldn’t get in if we didn’t move soooo they had no choice really. 



We finally were able to get out picnic items out and enjoy a rather good afternoon ofwatching the wedding, eating food, drinking a bit of gin and enjoying the atmosphere. After the wedding finished we headed to Peckham for my fav place – Franks. If you’ve ever read my blog posts on London before, its more than likely that you’ve seen Franks in here before. I know Peckham might not be the nicest of places in London – but situated on top of a multi-story car park is a rooftop bar – with views like this. Not only that – the walk up to the top of Franks is divine. Behold – the pink stairs. 10 flights of stairs covered head to toe in pink- I’m a massive fan. Get yourself to Franks. 

IMG_8124.JPG IMG_8105My last full day in London is always spent in Chelsea – I don’t know why but we always end up mooching around Chelsea & Knightsbridge. This particular day we made our way to Victoria to grab a table at Peggy Porchen Cakes. All bloggers know of this place, mostly because of it’s amazing pink exterior (can you tell I like pink guys?) and it’s beautiful flower display that changes from season to season. Able to get a table, we ordered a cake and a lemonade each which came to just under £9 which included a service charge. Apart from its beautiful location and exterior would I come here again? Probably not -only because (i know its London) but I think it was a little bit expensive for a cake and a lemonade? None the less I really enjoyed the experience and would recommend it as a one-off or a good blogging op.


Walking from there to Chelsea we noticed an abundance of flowers that was cascading over nearly every flower shop down the street- as it was only the start of the Chelsea flower show! I didn’t know that Chelsea got this stuck into the flower show so it was incredibly beautiful to look at & still going on if you’re in London or planning to go to London in the very near future. 

IMG_5159IMG_8180Walking our way to Kensington Gardens we ended up taking a nap and soaking in the sun & after a rather hilarious and eventful happenings of my friends toenail falling off mid-park (don’t ask( – before doing one of the most British things you could probably do & that was – catch a glimpse of the Royal Family! On our way out of Kensington Gardens the gate was closed, so we waited for it to open & low and behold only Kate & Wills driving back from Windsor to Kensington Palace. Which was a really lovely way to end the weekend (we got ice cream too obvs) but also a nice story to tell my mum!

Bit of a long one but I hope you enjoyed this one guy’s! Don’t forget you can always catch up with the latest on Twitter// Instagram // Facebook

lots of love

Flo xo



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