Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom

So, I’ve recently just got back from two glorious fun-filled and very fat weeks in Florida and most importantly, Disneyworld. I’m so sad that I start back at work – and its back to reality, however, I do get to blog about the whole thing! Let’s dive right in, shall we? ( This is going to be very long blog guys, so get a cuppa and a biscuit and enjoy!) Magic Kingdom was the first park we went to on our first full day- We arrived about 8:45 and left at 8:45 so a whole 12hrs there, throughout our holiday we went 4 times because it was our absolute favourite park – we never got bored of it.DSCN0111.JPG First of all – get comfy shoes, lord knows you’re going to need them! Bring your camera & purchase a magic band! Magic bands come in all different colours and styles and you can essentially load your ticket on there and you just tap to get into parks and to use your fastpass+. You can choose 3 fastpast+ a day for you and your party 30 days prior if you’re staying off-site and 60 days if you’re staying on site. What it does is book your line in a virtual queue for the rides you want so it can get pretty competitive –  so log in and trying to get the rides you want before you go! The best rides there for me were Splash Mountain, Thunder mountain and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. We were able to do all of these at least twice and some 4/5times – the trick is once you’ve used your 3, you can keep topping up throughout the day!


First of all get there early – I’m not talking 9am I’m talking 8am, this might sound silly because why get there an hour before the park opens? Bag check. Magic Kingdom and every other Disney park will personally check each one of your bags, the earlier you go – the less of the queue. We usually got to MK via Epcot via the Monorail because our shuttle dropped us off at 8:05ish and it was perfect as we were able to do the bag check at Epcot then waltz straight on in with our Magic Bands! You can them get from the ticket centre to MK via a change of monorail or ferry boat. The ferryboat across is just magical – I can’t recommend it enough. Another reason to get there early is a castle picture. Everyone wants a bangin castle picture if you’re a blogger or not – morning is best because of course, it’s the quietest time. This will also give you time to get your bearings and get some rides in before the rush starts!



We started off on Splash Mountain. Amazing. Then had a FastPass+ to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad which was equally as amazing. I had never been on this before but my boyfriend had once before when he went as a kid so it brought back lots of memories for him. After walking through Frontierland- we just started going on any ride possible! Even if they were meant for kids – just so we could say we did everything and we did!

We then wandered the park and ended up doing a couple of meet and greets with characters! Majority of the time the queues are about 25mins but some you can fast pass such as the princesses but other such as Gaston, Stitch and Buzz Lightyear were just queues – but it’s so worth the wait. I would suggest purchasing a memory maker too! Memory Makers are unlimited photography throughout the park, they take your picture, tap your band and boom- there are your photos!

Stitch was one of the first characters that I met and I know it seems childish but It was so so nice – they interact with everyone differently and you have such an individual experience with them. My favourite one was  in Holywood Studios where i went to meet Goofy and he just took my had and started walking off with me to the other side of the park haha So good. My interaction was Stitch was him really liking the fact we wore the same colour – it sounds daft but it’s a lovely thing to do even if you dont have kids.


The food is amazing and not as expensive as everyone made it out to be. In my opinion, Disney food is only as expensive as you make it. Firstly on the water, there were tonnes of water fountains dotted around the park so you could fill your bottle up there, or many if not all of the other food places will give you iced water for free if you ask for it. There is obviously a difference between quick service dining and table service dining. The only table service lunch we did was Be Our Guest on our first say – and by lord – it was amazing.

Through the castle, you are seated in 1 of three rooms, The Grand Hall, The West Wing or The Drawing Room – I, of course, went for the ballroom. I ordered our meals previously on the app before we even left so it was open seating and we were told take a seat anywhere. I was confused because usually in England, servers sometimes find it hard to find you in a pub never mind a grand hall – but I was reassured that the magic would find me. Which it did.( very cool) We ordered two mains, – Braised Pork and the Croque Monsieur, both amazing. Two drinks and two desserts – which we both had the grey stuff and yes – it was delicious! It came to about £58 = £42ish = £22 each. Which I personally didn’t think was too bad for such a dining experience in Disneyworld. This was our main meal for the day so we didn’t have breakfast – I felt for the experience it was really good. Dinner here is more expensive but it’s the only place where you can meet the beast.

The only other place we had “table service” was Crystal Palace on our last day where we had breakfast with Winnie the Pooh and friends and this was on the upper side of expensive at $35 each. However, it was character dining AND it was all you can eat buffet – and there was A LOT of food to choose from, Mickey Waffles, a breakfast lasagne,  sausages, bacon, egg etc – For all you can eat at Disney with Winnie the Pooh – I couldn’t say no.


At around 6pm we decided we were a little peckish – this was a day where we did about 24k steps! The quick service meals weren’t just McDonald’s food either like everyone thinks. Each place such as Casey’s or Pinocchio Village Haus or Taco Bills or Starlight Cafe. Caseys sold baseball stadium food so lots of foot long hot dogs! Pinocchio’s served a lot of pasta and chicken parmesan, and pizza – Taco Bills surprisingly served tacos and fajitas and nachos etc so if you decide to get a Disney dining plan or are on a Disney dining plan the variety on quick service is fab! I think when I go nextime, I would invest in a disney dining plan and would be very happy on a Quick Service one. Not too expensive either coming in for us about $28-$32 per meal. We didn’t mind spending this either as it filled us up and it was a quick and yummy fix!


Now the snacks. The snacks are next level Y’all. I didn’t get to try as much as I wanted because I only had so much money haha They’re reallllyyy big on candy apples here – so expect candy apples dipped in everything you can imagine. The cupcakes are huge, the cake pops are to die for and the rice crispu mickey’s I want to learn to make at home. Mickey Ice Cream sandwhiches and Mickey Pretzels are a MUST. The snacks are on the expensive side because they know people will ofcourse snack on them so youre talking abouy $7-$10 per snack. OH and whatever you do – have a turkey leg. Just order one and be as suprised as I were when it arrived and saw the sheer size of them. Theyre very popular..


Tomorrowland! Looks a little out of place and is a little bit dated but I learned to love it. As it is meant to be futureistc, you find all the alien type things over in this land such as Stitch, Monsters Inc and Buzz Lightyear. There’s also Tomorrowland Speedway which was so much fun as you get to drive a little petrol powered car! I enjoyed it far more than I thought I would. They also serve these amazing millenial mikshakes – Pink milkshake topped with pink candyfloss and a marshmellow mickey – I mean what’s not to love?


Some of the best places for photos were at the side of the castle and the famous purple wall. The purple wall is just a purple wall was you enter tomorrow land but its photo hot spot (if you’re a blogger you’ll understand). Their are many different kind of these walls around Disney parks such as the Bubblegum Wall – which ill show in another blog if you guys like this one!


So with that – I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my experience with my most favourite place in the world! Other blogs to come on Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood studios and Universal Studios in the near future so stay posted! All will more than likely be on my instagram because it’s my no1- links below my lovlies x

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