Whats in the bag?

Following this week’s twitter poll, I’ve decided to do a review of whats in my handbag! I know the majority of the stuff in our handbags is just rubbish and receipts but I think it reveals a lot about a person personality. After some twitter polls this week – have decided to focus more on some lifestyle blogs, mostly because keeping up with beauty and fashion can be quite expensive & I’m currently saving up spending money for my holiday to Florida in April!

So, whats in the bag? Firstly the one thing that I will always always have in my purse is a nude lipstick. I try to keep a nude lipstick and a chapstick in there at all times especially around winter because it’s just so cold! My two favourites tend to be my Ted Baker nude or my Burts Bee’s chapstick- it’s just so handy to have when you’re out for lunches to keep your lips on point. Upon looking through my bag, I actually have about 5 in there. I travel to York to uni every Monday so I have tonnes of train tickets and bus tickets flying about.


My purse is a given, no matter what bag I have It sticks to me like glue. Mostly because I went through a phase of losing it..(never has my heart dropped as much) This particular purse was a gift from my boyfriend and is Michael Kors so I’m extremely protective of it! In the purse, I always have my essentials such as cards but also a plaster for emergencies and €5 and $5 for some reason? Never know when you’re going to need emergency currency eh! Earphones are essential aren’t they really, I tend to bring them with me everywhere but not so much for music but for phone calls as I walk loaaaadddss and my hands get cold on the phone.


You’re probably thinking where are the Tampons and pads? Not so much – last year I got the implant put into my arm so I don’t really keep things like that in my handbag anymore because I don’t need them! Chocolate, (notice the full bag of half-price valentines chocolate) however, is something I need to have my bag at all times. For the past year I just love chocolate more so than ever – maybe its because I’ve hit 24- who knows? I don’t always eat it but it needs to be in my bag at all times just in case I get some cravings.

A roll-on perfume stick is a must with me- when I’m out of the house (apart from work) I’m always out for a very long time. On my days when I attended University I’m usually up at around 5am to get ready to catch the train to York so I always like to keep a little bit of perfume to freshen up. Depending on which bag I have, it’ll always have different things in it. My 101 Dalmations Cath Kidston bag is the one I always bring to uni with me, as it’s large enough to fit my Mac and my iPad, my books and my notepads etc – whereas my cinderella blue Ted Baker bag is much smaller so I tend to keep it with just my basic’s. Both bags were presents from my lovely boyfriend, they’re the only two that I use – not just because they were gifts but they’re just incredibly beautiful


Also, I tend to have a lot of pens rolling around in there too.. Glasses! I have about 4 pairs of glasses so I try and bring a pair with me wherever I go. The ones photoed are from Specsavers Kylie Minogue range.

Anyway! That’s whats in my bag – I didn’t think I had that much, to be honest, but there you go, it’s given me a lot of insight as I didn’t realise how much stuff was in my bag – I ask you, what’s in your bag?


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3 thoughts on “Whats in the bag?

  1. I have similar items in my bag, but I tend to over pack sometimes (shameless)! Lol. You can never have enough things because you just never know what can happen. I would have tissue, lip balm + lipgloss + lipsticks (like why do I need all 3 right? Lol) my boyfriend is like why I need all those things, but when he needs lip balm and lotion, he comes running to me! Lol


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