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Hi Guys! So recently for Christmas, I received a set of natural red lip colours and I never really try a natural red lip, I usually go for quite a bold look. This kit is compiled from three different products, none of which are particularly heavy, but comes in different shades for a day and a night look. For anyone who hasn’t heard of Burts Bees before, they’re a fantastic brand that uses 99-100% natural ingredients in all of their products – this includes face creams, lip balms, body care and the whole works. Personally, I’ve used the face creams before & they were amazing – but this is my first experience with makeup

IMG_0297 2.jpg




Tada! So from left to right, we have the day lip balm, then the night lip blam then finally the lip crayon for the lip lining. As you can see from the swatches they’re incredibly gradient in colour. The texture is and wear is very light on the lip, it feels like a normal lip balm. The lip crayon looks very dark but on the lip, you can go as heavy or light as you like to suit a day or night look.


On the left, we have the day red to which I’ve not gone too heavy with and on the right the right I’ve used the smaller dark lip balm for a night look- don’t they look fab! I would recommend this product in a heartbeat. I adore this product and it makes me so happy that Burts Bees are nearly 100% natural product!

If you have any questions or queries – pop me a message or visit my social media!

Lots of Love

Flo x

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