2018 Bullet Journal.

Hello everyone! I hope you all enjoyed bringing in the New Year! I know I did as I spent it tucked up in bed with a Chinese, cider and a movie & quality time with my boyfriend – boring I know. Anyway – 2018 is the best time for fresh starts. My last post was on my first bullet journal so this year I’ve decided to start one properly. Whether you’re a pro bullet journaler or if you’re starting out for the first time – it’s not too late even though were in January to get it started!


Bullet Journals, if you’ve never read of them are essentially a journal that you design yourself to track your goals, whatever they may be.

S u p p l I e s

The basics that you need for a bullet journal is, of course, a journal. The one I use is a Leuchtturm1917 dotted notebook. They are top quality of the paper and come in all different colours- my first bullet journal was grey, this was is blue because I just wanted something fresh and bright! Each person can do there’s differently, take a look at mine & it might give you some inspo! You can also take a look at my 2017 bullet journal layout if you like.


Lots of Love

Flo x

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11 thoughts on “2018 Bullet Journal.

  1. I love looking at bullet journals, and yours is beautiful. You’re so talented and creative (and I’m also pretty envious of your journal!)

    Nat 💛 – nataliehansonblog.wordpress.com

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  2. I love butter journals! But I have never ever got around to starting one, because I don’t even know how to make one!😂 but maybe one day I will.🙏🏼

    I love your bullet journal though!😍 it’s so beautiful! You’re very creative hun! I want to see more of it now.🙈

    Liked by 1 person

  3. It’s one of my favourite things; looking at people’s bullet journals. Yours looks absolutely stunning! Getting tempted to buy one myself, even though I’m always scared I’ll ruin it haha. xo Larice


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