Cya. Adios. Goodbye 2017

Hi guys, Welcome to 2018! I’ve been so excited to get rid of 2017, for me personally it was a year of being tested but also a year of accomplishment. Did I hit my goals for 2017? Lets recap shall we!

2 0 1 7 G o a l s


✨ Use more often to punish your work and get it seen

✨Buy a camera that is better ( and more reliable) than your iPhone for blogging

✨ Reach minimum 200 wordpress followers

✨ Reach over 2000 twitter followers

✨ Reach over 200 followers on my Facebook page

Okay so these were pretty simple goals, and I only managed to hit one of them! Instead of reaching 2000 twitter followers I hit over 2.8k! I’m absolutely over the moon with it- I only managed to reach over 100 on my facebook page and my wordpress which is fine, but I entened to smash it later on in the year. 


✨Lose weight & become fitter – pick a routine and stick to it. Aka – avoid the bakery section at work at all costs.

  • I actually achieved this one! Maybe not the bakery at work, but I finally picked a routine and sticked to it. This may have gone out the window slightly over the festive period but i’m very excited to get back into my fitness in the new year!

✨ Drink more water & actually eat breakfast. It’ll help with the first goal.

  • Also achieved this one. Buzzing.

✨Volunteer more, starting with City of Culture 2017 & Ferens Art Gallery!

  • I had the best time ever working with Ferens Art Gallery with up and coming exhibitions. Although my personal life took over, it meant i couldnt go as much but i’m going to make a concious effort in 2018 to keep going!

✨ Progress more at work.

  • Again.. this actually happened. Although it was only for 5/6 weeks I got an promotion at work in supervising and I was over the moon. However, due to starting my MA in september it had to be put on the backburner.

✨ Start learning French!

  • Moved from wanting to learn French to learning Italian! Not started yet as my MA has taken over my life.

✨ Travel more with your Boyfriend. Take some time to enjoy what the world has to offer.

  • Went to Paris and Switzerland and booked Florida for April! Kind od a success right?

✨ Visit my family in Northern Ireland more often.

  • I tried, I just ran out of holidays at work.

✨Learn to Drive & buy a car before the year ends – this needs to happen.

  • Okay I had one lesson and bailed.

✨ Buy clothes that aren’t baggy jumpers and leggings just because they’re hella comfy

  • Confidence has stepped up! My wardrobe is far more diverse now!

2 0 1 8  G o a l s

"Do one thing each day that you don't want to do"

S e l f   &  P e r s o n al

  1. Mostuirise daily & take care of your skin this year.
  2. New Job & Move out! These are big goals but I think this is my year!
  3. Reach you 10k steps a day, no excuses. 
  4. Exercise x4 a week & don’t snack. (i mean this)
  5. Take more pictures.
  6. Speak your mind more often
  7. Pay in cash more to keep track of your money
  8. Give blood!
  9. Do your bullet journal properly as it keeps you inline!
  10. Redecorate! I enjoy it so I might as well!
  11. Reach a high score at university.
  12. Have more confidence. 

B l o g 

  1. 4k Twitter followers!
  2. Atleast 1 post a week 
  3. Try and recieve sponsered blog posts. Aim High!
  4. Better photos 

I know to some that they might seem a little basic, but i’m so excited to go above and beyond my 2017 New year resolutions. 2017 was a very difficult year, but it’s made me stronger and better. Bring on 2018!

have high hopes for 2018 and i’m genuinely excited about that it has to offer. To everyone reading this – Happy New Year xo

Lots of Love

Flo xo

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