Ted Baker Make-up Review.

Hello, my lovelies. I hope you’ve all had an incredibly amazing Christmas with your loved ones received some cute gifts! One of the gifts I was given this year was this beautiful Ted Baker Bouquet Gift set. I’m a huge fan of Ted Baker, I get the majority of my bags from there but I’ve never received makeup. The brand itself is extremely high quality so my standards were set quite high also, but without further ado shall let’s talk about what you receive!

W h a t ‘ s   i n   t h e   b o x   ?


The box is presented beautifully, with a rose gold theme throughout. The full price for the box was around £50 – although Boots do this box half price although they are currently out of stock. So what is in the box?

x1 Blush compact       x1 Eye Shadow Pallet      x1 Eye Lash Curler

x1 Mascara      x2 Small Lipsticks ( one in nude and one in red)      x1 Pink/Nude Lipstick

x1 Eye Shadow Brush      x1 Blusher Brush      x2 Nail Polishes      x1 Eyebrow Brush


Not bad right guys?  There’s a varied range of products within this that you could easily use every single item of this within your daily routine. 

The colour scheme of the entire box is quite soft and incredibly blush. Within the eyeshadow pallet, it consists of three colours in different shades of purple, all of which can be used for a day or a night look (bonus). I would recommend this if you like your make up to look soft and natural, not so much if you enjoy contouring daily or full made up eye. 

The Eyebrow pencil is just the correct shade of dark for me, although I really do enjoy my eyebrows being dark, so I will always use a pencil to give shape and then fill them in with brown eyeshadow as I believe it gives a more natural look.

The Brushes are just the perfect balance between being compact and full size, although they’re so pretty and white that I don’t actually want to use them!


The nail polishes come in the two following colours, both of which I am a massive fan of, however, upon trying them I found them a little bit too thin! They are definitely nail polishes that need two coats in order for them to look the way you want them too, which is a bit disappointing.

My favourite part of this whole box is the combination of the eyelash curler and the mascara. I naturally have fairly long eyelashes ( please don’t hate me) so I tend to not use an eyelash curler and just use a thick mascara brush, but oh my. Have these products changed me!  The eyelash curler is basic, just the same as any other only it’s in very pretty rose gold, the mascara is quite thin and plastically but its perfect for the natural lash look that we all crave. 

Pucker up. The the only downside of the lipsticks is that you only get one full-size lipstick and the other two are much much smaller in rather beautiful colours. For an added bonus, they smell like chocolate. (yaaas) The textures are just overwhelmingly smooth and apply to the lip like a dream.

IMG_5123 2

Overall I love this makeup set, the quality is the high standard that I wished for. In the future, I will not think twice about buying Ted Baker make up (which you can buy from boots) In fact, it may have just started an obsession. If you’re looking for something a little extra to add to your make up bag, then don’t hesitate. Shop Ted Baker.

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