Day Trip to York.

Hi guys, so work has been crazy recently hence why I’ve been a little MIA in the blogging worlds but today my boyfriend and I finally had a day off work together! (which rarely happens) so we spent it wisely and took a merry old trip to York. 

I currently study in York for my MA, so when I go every Monday I’m just in awe of how beautiful of a city it actually is & I’ve been dying to bring my boyfriend so I can show him  (he’s been before but I like going with him) how beautiful it so so we can hopefully move there next year – 2018 goals guys, it’ll happen. You heard it here first.

T H O R ‘ S   T I P I.

So if you live close enough to York, id suggest firstly that you go but if you’re wanting to feel extremely Christmassy then it should be no1 on your list. Our first stop after nearly missing our train (we had two mins to spare guys- most tense time of my life, parking is always a nightmare) was Thor’s Tipi. Thor’s Tipi is essentially a giant tipi that has a fire, serves alcohol until your heart’s content & food, so you can literally just go and spend your whole day getting fat and merry while listening to Christmas songs – doesn’t that sound blissful!?

It honestly had the cutest feel to it & the hot chocolate was amazing. ( Sadly no alcohol more me as I have a very bad wisdom tooth atm). After that, we just browsed the markets, which were ever so cute, dainty and christmassy.

T H E   Y O R K   R O A S T   C O.

I can honestly say, The York Roast Co has been on the top of my place to eat since I started coming to university at York. Knowing how unhappy my boyfriend would be if I went without him, I’ve waited for nearly two months to try the notorious Yorkshire Pudding Wrap. You may have seen this all over LadBible or any other kind of social media, but it’s essentially a whole Sunday roast in a wrap, that’s made of out a Yorkshire pudding. Can anyone else think of something that sounds AS amazing as this? (expect Chinese, love me some Chinese food.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get many pictures as I ate it in less than 5 mins because I was so hungry but because it was also so delish. My “Yorkie Pud” contained roast pork and stuffing, with veg such as green beans & carrots, gravy & applesauce. yum.

K Ä T H E   W O H L F A H R T

Many of you are going to be like, eh? Who’s this? This is the most Christmassy place I have ever been into in my entire life. I image it’s what the North Pole looks like or what the inside of Santas house is like.




The York travel guide describes it as..

Käthe Wohlfahrt is a family owned business founded in 1964 by Wilhelm and Käthe Wohlfahrt. Everything began with a Christmas music box from the Erzgebirge region which was a gift from friends. The business idea grew out of a love for a traditional Christmas, together with an enthusiasm for preserving customs and the associated craftsmanship.


This is simply just had of the window display, I was in so much awe of how beautiful the stuff was that I didn’t get a chance to look at the beautiful range of snowglobes!

There was an entire room filled with these classic wooden houses and I was in awe. Such amazing craftsmanship in each one, truly unique. We’ve recently started gathering our own special Christmas tree decorations, so these two little beauties came home with us today.

To the left, the one I chose ( mostly because I love gingerbread men!) and to the right a little clip on Robin that my boyfriend chose. It’s honestly an amazing shop, you could very easily get lost in it.

To finish off a rather hectic day -we also trecked to Cath Kidston, Urban Outfitter, Disney, York Minster, Back to Disney – where I bought the most adorable giant sized Simba teddy. The reason being .. I was walking through the store & I saw that they were on sale for £20! Bargain, right? Thought no Alex, you don’t need any more Disney teddies so I picked up the giant Simba and put him back. A woman then came up to me as I was putting him back and said: “honey, you always need another one, buy the teddy”

and who am I to argue with a random woman in York? so I bought him tehe

To finish off, we had a lush costa at the train station to finish off a day’s hard work shopping.

Anyway, guys, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my day trip to York this close to Christmas 

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lots of love



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