Sand and Sky Review

Hi guys! I’m finally being able to find some time in my life between my MA and work to sit down and do some blogging! (yey) I am kind of cheating as I am currently at university sat in the cafe having a bite to eat. Girls gotta do what girls gotta do.  Anyway I’m back in action to tell you about this absolutely amazing new skincare mask that I got that maybe some of you have seen on Facebook and Instagram called Sand and Sky

Sand and Sky claims to be a 4-in-1 detoxifying and brightening pink Australian clay mask. (oooooh). I know right? They state that 

“Pure Australian pink clay deeply cleanses and detoxifies. For refined pores and a complexion so bright you’ll need sunnies.*

Which I think is a pretty big statement for a mask that costs £39.50. Ouch – yup £39.50, with free shipping (which is a massive bonus tbf) as it comes from far and wide (I assume Australia) – but is it worth the risk spending nearly £40 on a mask that you don’t even know will work?

So what else is it meant to do?

sand and sky 1

Yup – pretty big boots to fill I reckon! Well, look no further because I took the plunge for you and decided to try it out – (thank me later) as I’ve looked at the reviews and thought “wow – this is actually amazing” – it claims to refine pores. Now, my pores on my nose are so big you could plant trees in them. Honestly, they’re just massive over my nose, my cheeks – my forehead and no matter how much anti-blackhead skincare I use they just don’t budge.

These are some of the results on their page which made me think “hmmm is it actually as good as they say it is?”

Sand and Sky fbook

I mean come on! – how amazing does it look?! – isn’t this the skincare result we all crave for! It took no convincing after the pictures and I ordered my little pot of goodness and about 10days of waiting for it finally arrived!

Sand And Sky copy

Tada! Okay yes, the pot is a little small – but as you use it, you realise that actually, you don’t need a lot per application so it’s rather large in comparison! They recommend that you apply this about 2/3times a week and ideally before bed so that you can pop your favourite night cream on (I use no7 Protect and Perfect) so that your skin can have the time to rejuvenate.

After applying the mask with the lovely little brush that they provide with it – massive bonus, well-done Sand and Sky. You simply pop the mask on and wait for it to dry. As it is clay, you can’t move your face while it’s drying because it’s physically impossible but also absolutely hilarious. 


After it is completely dry, you just wash off with warm water and pat your face dry with a clean towel and that’s it. (p.s sorry for my face in the second one – 9 couldnt actually move me face. The process is extremely hassled free. So – the bit you’ve been waiting for – the results. In one word? 


This is hand down – the best face mask I’ve ever used in my entire 24years of life. (sob at the fact I’m 24 now) Immediately after washing it off my skin felt 100000x smoother than it ever had done before. My before and after pictures immediately after? mmm not great to be honest- some people review amazing results after just one use and with the size of my pores I kind of had unrealistic expectations that they would all be gone after one use. I also took my pictures after the first use of 10minutes difference.

Never the less – for the last two weeks I put this mask on maybe 2-3 times a week, sometimes every other night or every two nights, and I can honestly say that my skin is just looking amazing. Take a look for yourself!


It feels youthful, moisturised, clean, soft – everything you want in the perfect skin. This photo is 100% natural, no makeup, in front of a mirror with an iPad camera so nothing special has been done here! Not a huge difference but my skin looks brighter – it feels firmer 

People at work have been asking me if I’ve started using new makeup, or what primer I use and I have to tell them that actually no it’s not my makeup – it’s actually my skin that starting to glow. For someone who has always struggled with their skin – I’ve never had compliments on it before and now I do – thanks to this fantastic little mask.

If any of you are struggling with things like I’ve mentioned – please do not hesitate to invest in this. I’ve only been using this for 2weeks and I can notice my results quite heavily – I’m so excited to see what it looks like after a month. Will i be buying this again after I run out? Absolutely.

Don’t see this as just another facemask – see this as an investment for good skin. I urge you all to treat yourself and your skin to this little pot of goodness. 

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2 thoughts on “Sand and Sky Review

  1. I’ve seen so many reviews about that on facebook etc but this is the first blogger review I’ve seen! I’m seriously interested now… 😏 glad you’ve got on so well with it! your skin does look great! xx


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