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Hi guys! So last weekend I finally got a weekend of work (hurrah!) so I spent it wisely and decided to give my friend Becky (yoohoo) a visit- who just happens to live in one of my favourite cities. Good old London. I can’t explain how much I just love this city so anytime I get the chance (and the dollar for the train ) to get my booty down there – I do!

I left work at 8:00 pm and managed to grab the last train in time at 8:30 down to London Kings X. yaas. Also very surprisingly only the first-class virgin carriages were available I felt like I was winning at life – until we changed over at Doncaster I got onto first class and got booted out of it as quickly as I got seated. Not so fab guys being kicked out of first-class haha.

Every time I go down, we usually try and do something different every time. This time we went to sunny Greenwich because …why not? Walking around the grounds of the naval academy we were all thinking the same thing – how expensive would it be to get married here?- I was also thinking, isn’t there where Thor essentially tears the place apart? Yes it is btw.

credit//Alexandra Smyth
left to right// Dress H&M, Dress ASOS, Jumpsuit Bershka. CREDIT// friendly tourist.

Although we didn’t plan for it – I think this might actually be the last sunny day of summer that we’ll get , so we were very very happy with the outcome. Walking around this gorgeous area, we were actually making our way to the NOW gallery near the O2 – only slightly forgetting that we had to walk there. Suprised that we didn’t end up with some odd looking tan lines!

The reason we went to the NOW gallery was that there was this amazing looking free pop up maze WALLA X PLAY by Camilla Walla.


credit//NOWgallery- WALLA X PLAY


Look how amazing this looks, its just so colourful and playful we were really excited to go around it. The major problem being – even though it was a free event we apparently had to book online which was advertised nowhere but the NOW gallery website. So unfortunately due to poor advertising, we were able to get lost like we wanted to, however – if you’re reading this thinking “that is right up my street and I’m going to London soon” click here and book your space now so you’re not disappointed!

But – you know what they say when one door closes another one opens & this saying couldn’t be truer for what we stumbled across next. Only a pop-up sample festival. Just outside the door of the NOW gallery SAMPLE was there where a select few of new business’ offered you to simple sample their products (not for free, unfortunately) – but this ranged from food to Prosecco to clothing and plants, to my ultimate favourite…

IMG_3006 2

Oh yes – the only thing better than Gin – IS GIN BLOODY SORBET. Honestly, this was just simply amazing £4 per tub you were able to choose from three flavours. Classic gin & tonic, Strawberry and elderflower & blackberry and lemon. nom. Even better is that you can hire this for weddings and events .. (i know)! pop to the website if you fancy a little bit more information http://sloshedsorbets.co.uk.

What a sunny weekend without a rooftop bar? This is probably one of – if not my fave place in London because it’s just so so chill. It also has the best stairs in the entire world. I know what you’re thinking, how can stairs be this awesome? Look for yourselves. or just search FranksCafe on Instagram and scroll through the hashtags

FullSizeRender 69.jpg

Where is this you ask? FRANKS CAFE. Franks is quite simply a multi story car park based in Peckham where the entire stairs are painting bright pink. The whole thing – the doors the lobby everything, When you get the top, there’s a little bit of seating a huge bar and food, and that’s it but the atmosphere is just next level. 


FullSizeRender 72
CREDIT// BeckyRose – insta @beckyjanerose

Also – did I mention that it has one of the best views of London? It’s on par if not slightly better than Primrose Hill. (Mostly because you don’t have to climb the damn hill)


FullSizeRender 77

A jug of Pimms for £10? yes, please. This is honestly one of my favourites places in London

As self-confessed art nerd, I always try and get to an art gallery when in London – so this time, we hit three. (yeeey) The first – one that I haven’t been to before and tbh I didn’t know what to expect because it’s modern and I’m usually into historical art – but it’s probably one of my favourite museums now.

The Saatchi Gallery is situated in Chelsea on Kings Road & is such a different museum that what I was used to – it was different but very modern. I would 100% recommend. I would explain but I can’t – just get yourself there before the selfie exhibition closes.(its a must its so much fun)

When in Chelsea – go get ice cream. That’s the saying, right? Wellll if not it is now because this is the most amazing ice-cream parlour I have ever been in! Venchi is also on Kings Road and is probably the poshest place I’ve ever been in for ice cream.

Unfortunately, I was too busy scoffing my face with ice-cream to only take pictures of the window haha but honestly – again if you’re in Chelsea and have a craving for ice-cream, Venchi is the place to go.


Anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed my little snapshot into my time in glorious London. 

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lots of love








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