My Guide to Lugano

Hi, guys! Sorry, I haven’t been live for a while, I’ve had a lot going on but I’ve finally managed to squeeze in some time to talk about my kinda recent holiday to Lugano. Firstly – we didn’t miss this flight unlike our holiday last year to the South of France BUT I did manage to lose my railcard. I’ll gladly take that over missing a flight any day of the week.

! So for many of you – you might not know where Lugano is- so it’s at the base of Switzerland & actually borders with Italy & it’s an area called Ticino. Flight wise we flew into Milan Malpensa as it was only an hours drive to Lugano- so even if you’re staying in Italy is so close to Switzerland to visit for the day or the weekend. My boyfriend’s brother & his family live there so we were able to save on accommodation by staying with them.(yey for family) but Lugano can be and slightly is expensive so do your research before you go.

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Now, I think a lot of you won’t think to go to Switzerland for Summer, am I right? When I came back to work I got a lot of  “Oh how was Skiing?” but just look at how beautiful this is.



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excuse my squinting eyes. dress from H&M


So this is Lake Lugano- Isn’t it amazing!? During the summer this beautiful country (even in the mountains) can reach up to 30 degrees! all around Switzerland, there are loads of lakes so don’t write this off because you want a beach holiday because Lugano has found the perfect loop hole for this because all around the lake they have things called lidos. Lidos are essentially decked areas usually with a bar or a restaurant that you pay around 10-20CHF for the day where you can just chill. Some have separate pools but 100% of them have lake access so you can just dip in and out of the water when you please while looking at that absolutely stunning landscape. We went to two different ones while we were there but they’re absolutely fabulous if you have kids or even if you don’t. **Lidos open in Lugano on the 1st May every year**  – if you want to explore Lugano lidos just click here.

Not only that – but along the coast of the lake, there are tonnes of ice cream bars & this gorgeous Mojito Shack. It’s 10CHF a drink (which I know is pricey) but these are as fresh mojitos as you’re ever going to get. If you go – I urge you to go the Mojito Shack at least once

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Valle Ver what? Verzasca! This was an absolute hidden gem but was quite frankly one of my favourites if not my favourite thing we did on holiday. It’s essentially just a river – but one of the most beautiful rivers I’ve ever seen. The rock formation on its own is amazing & the water is crystal clear turquoise as its pure mountain water – so it means it was absolutely freezing.


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Look how gorgeous this is. It was absolutely breathtaking. Was was slightly more breathtaking was how cold the water was – and the only way to get into this water was to jump straight it – after my boyfriend going first then yelling at me how much of a baby I was I eventually took the plunge.

jumping gif

What was absolutely fab is no 1 – this is completely free. completely and utterly free – I could imagine having to spend like £20 for entry to something like this in the UK but because it’s Swiss and people (most people0 don’t take the piss – you could spend all day here. We spent the most of the day here and on the rocks just eating out lunch, going for a swim and sunbathing!

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This is just ever so slightly up the road from the Verzasca Dam aka Contra Dam. Which – may be best known as the Dam that James Bond jumped off in Golden Eye! I think it’s Golden Eye anyway I don’t watch a lot of James Bond movies – expect Skyfall – that was ace.

You can probably just about see on the right-hand side of the right picture that you can actually bungee jump from this dam. Yes. You can bungee jump down this absolute monster of a dam for a cool 250CHF. I didn’t do it, unfortunately – 250 was ever so slightly out of my budget for this holiday but Bungee jumping is 100% on my list of things to do. Even if I would probably crap my pants it’s on my bucket list. My boyfriend’s auntie, funnily enough, is actually doing this for charity next month – she refuses to look at any pictures though before which I think is very wise.(her just giving page isn’t up and running yet but will post on twitter when it is)

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Oh, my days. So – my boyfriend’s brother has a friend who is the Swiss vet for the region they live in, so she lives on this massive farm up in the Swiss mountains & her dog Dana had puppies. Dana is an Australian Shepard so as you know if you’ve seen them they’re the most beautiful dogs in the entire world. Luckily for us – the puppies were only 3 weeks old & we were able to spend as much time as we could (before the sun went down) to cuddle them! What else could make a holiday better – than 6 three week old puppies?


Can we just… like .. this is absolute cuteness overload. This one was my absolute fave & I would have 100% taken him home if I could have.

On Sunday before we left, we actually went for a little hike & it was the only little hike as we had little ones with us but it was absolutely beautiful. About a 40min drive away from Lugano, we drove to the base of a mountain where we got a gondola up the mid way point. Then we walked around this surprisingly hidden beautiful lake hidden within the mountains.

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This was only a 40min walk around the lake but there was the option for a 2hr hike straight up this bad boy which I don’t think any of us were ready for. On the top of this mountain, there was a hut that sold food which was also one of the yummiest meals I had. It’s just full of surprises here there and everywhere. Switzerland was neber on my wishlist before but from now on – itll be hard to resist every year!

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