Take A Seat..

Hi guys! One of my new year’s resolutions to myself was to try and make my blog a little bit more personal, as I know I include little snippets about myself in my blog post but I never post anything personal. Why? I think I’m just a little scared of people judging me – as it is my year this year ( hola all the roosters out there) I’m taking a leap of faith.

1 –  I was born in Luxembourg but raised in Northern Ireland & 100% consider myself Irish.

2.  I’ve lived on a farm nearly my entire life and loved every minute of it.

3. I absolutely hate the smell and taste of coffee, I can’t deal with it I don’t know how y’all drink it every day🙄🙄

4. Racoons are currently my favourite animal, closely followed by bears and tigers.🐻

5. ‘Florence for Thought’ is based on my middle name, so Hi, I’m Alexandra Florence! The ‘For Thought’ is based on the ‘food for thought'( i know, food right) which is a saying to make you stop and ponder.

6. I have three tattoos! One on each of my ankles and on the top of my neck – much intention for more (sorry mum)

7.My favourite meal is probably definitely chips, stuffing and gravy or any Chinese food. I would kill for some Chinese food right now.

8. I can’t drive -even though I grew up in the countryside and it was essentially a necessity.(thanks for all the lifts guys)

9. Over the past three years, I’ve lost in total 2.5/3 stone not following any diets or schemes like slimming world/ weight watchers etc (whoop whoop)

10. I left home at 18 and moved to Hull on my own to do my Art History and Archaeology, a course that I absolutely loved and would do it all over again in a heartbeat

11.  I had a teddy that I’ve had since I was born, he is a clown called Ted and only my nearest and dearest know about him

12. I hate spiders.

13. I think I own more slippers than I do shoes.🤔

14. I have my nose pierced

15. My first concert was Busted in 2004 with McFly as a support act and I went with my dad (he went with me to nearly all my concerts)

16. When I was younger, I used to think I was Pocahontas.

17. When I was younger, my sister told me if I put beads in my ear they would come out the other side. Safe to say this didn’t happen and I had to go to A&E to get them removed.

18. My idea of a perfect night in sitting in watching a movie with Chinese food with JJ ❤️️

19. I pick up accents very quickly and it can change up to 3 times a day.

20. My parents are also my best friends.

21. I absolutely love to draw and paint.

22. I volunteer at an Art Gallery in my spare time and has just signed up to be a volunteer for Hull City of Culture 2017!

23. I swear like a sailor.

24. I’m a self-confessed Disney fan.

25. Cheese and onion Pringles and Orange Chocolate are my ultimate weakness.

Hope you all enjoyed reading my random facts!

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lots of love




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