January Vibes

So this January I’ve really started focusing on myself (yey) – actually sticking to my goals (proud moment) so far anyway, but within that, I really wanted to express my personal style a little more and not keep on buying oversized clothing and leggings. I’ve always loved a rock chic vibe and for the life of me, I don’t understand why I haven’t embraced this before! – I think it’s maybe it’s because you hear people say ‘oh god, why is she wearing a Metallica t-shirt, I bet she doesn’t even listen to their music’ Which in fairness – I might not but in all honesty, if I like the t-shirt I am hella buying that regardlesssassSo without further ado, here are some of favourite rock chic vibes to give you some inspo for your own wardrobe, or if you just fancy a little nosey of what’s going on the high street at the moment!

B a n d T e e ‘ s

H&M are currently one of my favourite websites for Rock Chic clothing recently if you follow me on Instagram or twitter you will already see I’ve bought myself two fabulous AC/DC t-shirts. Both of which my Dad is s proud I’ve bought as he is a massive fan – flash back to drives home from school listening to AC/DC Thunderstruck live. (good times)


You can’t go wrong with a classic AC/DC Back in Black tee – this one us super comfy and is now a member of my wardrobe.The fabric is super soft and with cut hems and a wide neckline, it’s the perfect lazy day long sleeve tee! The best part is – it is a little pricey at £29.99 from H&M but its so worth it!

H&M do soo many of these t-shirts at the moment that I just love! 

The reason I’m completely crushing on this at the moment is because things like this never go out of fashion, add them to your wardrobe and you’ll literally be wearing them for years – what I love though too is that you don’t have to just pair them up with leggings, they go perfectly with a skirt or jeans to dress up or dress down. You can find all these tee’s & jumpers over on the H&M website.

S k i n n y J e a n s

These, I haven’t bought yet but I might because I’m always fond of a pair of ripped jeans, Topshop is usually the place I will always go for my jeans as although they’re a little expensive, they last. The Joni Jeans are my fave as they’re high waisted and a little stretchy which is just fab when I fall off the diet waggon. Stone Grey is the perfect muted colour to match with the band tees to make you feel a little more badass than usual. If you don’t fancy the stone grey, Topshop do this kind of style in various different classic jean blues! As I said though they are a little expensive coming in at £40.00 but they’re such good quality.

B o o t s

A good pair of black boots is something that is a must have for me, a little short boot either with a heel or without gives you a little bit of an edge plus as I said before they never go out of fashion. If you want to splash out, check out these classic boots from KURT GEIGER as they have a cheeky little sale on!

Classic boots that were £160 are now down to £89.00! Which I know sounds expensive, but ya gotta remember, they’re designer. The little booties on the right are equally as lush but with less of the pricey tag coming in at £27.00 from ASOS.

D r e s s e s




I’m still an absolute sucker for anything Velvet and this time of yeah is just fab to get it! Do you know why? During Winter it was one of the hottest trends going, which means the majority of it is now in the sale (yey) Like this gorgeous little Black Velvet Slip Dress was £24 down to £11! Get on it girlies – head to New Look by clicking here


Credit/ New Look


Also, I know this might be a very dark wardrobe but I’m not doing it intentionally, honest! Bold Florals are one of my absolute faves, always. Yet again, though, its one of the things I don’t actually have a lot of in my wardrobe – this little beauty is from New Look and comes in at around £24 I think -but just look how pretty it is!

S h i r t s

Can’t go wrong with a shirt in my eyes and I just can’t get enough of the hunter green shirt on the right! Great for lounge days (who doesn’t love a good lounge day) 

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading my little inspo for this month! If you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read, please don’t hesitate to share, like or comment ❤

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lots of love



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