Screw it, Pass me the cake!

We all start it, don’t we? ( Myself included) It’s usually a case of ‘The diet starts on Monday’ BUT this is different. This is a new year, you can start a fresh – forget those 4 takeaways you had in a row  (guilty) or that day you didn’t get out of bed only for food and the loo. This year is a fresh start – some of us may actually achieve our goals – others may not – either way I think we all hit these stages at some point in our journey

Stage one: Woo! It’s finally New year, and you know what? Time to start that diet, get fit, get healthy this year is my year!


Stage 2: Week one DONE! That wasn’t too hard, right? Hell yeah! I can totally do this for the next year.


Stage Three: You start looking at the labels on everything, and question EVERYTHING



Stage Four: The rumbles kick in, after maybe 2/3 weeks you decide to treat yourself just once – after all it has been 2/3 weeks. One little bit of chocolate won’t hurt, right?



Stage Five: You actually get past the rumbles and back on track! But wait – what’s that? Your mum has bought over cake?



Stage Six: The diet is broken



Stage Seven: It’s been two weeks and you’re still calling it cheat day. Diet will start again on Monday but now just enjoy the food.




Stage Eight: No access weight gained from giant splurge, will start back from stage one – it’ll do no harm only missing January, right? That doesn’t sound too bad.

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