Cya later 2016

Yay – we made it through 2016! Probably one of the most ‘WTF’ years we’ve ever had right? I for one am not looking forward to the reign of President Trump in the new year and i’m probably not as scared for Brexit as i should be either. However – I always look forward to January 1st every year, it feels a little bit like a reset. You can put everything that you’ve done in the past and just focus on things which maybe you lost track of or maybe you’ve discovered new things that you want to try – now is the time and place!

I’ve always done resolutions/goals – and this year is no different (apart from the terrifying fact that I’m making them public.

Blogging Goals//

✨ Use more often to punish your work and get it seen

✨Buy a camera that is better ( and more reliable) than your iPhone for blogging

✨ Reach minimum 200 wordpress followers

✨ Reach over 2000 twitter followers

✨ Reach over 200 followers on my Facebook page

Personal Goals//

✨Lose weight & become fitter – pick a routine and stick to it. Aka – avoid the bakery section at work at all costs.

✨ Drink more water & actually eat breakfast. It’ll help with the first goal.

✨Volunteer more, starting with City of Culture 2017 & Ferens Art Gallery!

✨ Progress more at work.

✨ Start learning French!

✨ Travel more with your Boyfriend. Take some time to enjoy what the world has to offer.

✨ Visit my family in Northern Ireland more often.

✨ Start Drawing/ Painting again, it’s something you love and something you’re actually good at the last time I checked.

✨Learn to Drive & buy a car before the year ends – this needs to happen.

✨ Buy clothes that aren’t baggy jumpers and leggings just because they’re hella comfy

✨Get a couple more tattoos that you’re trying to talk yourself out of but it’s not working.


I have high hopes for 2017 and i’m genuinely excited about that it has to offer. To everyone reading this – Happy New Year xo

Lots of Love

Flo xo

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