Kylie. Kylie. Kylie.

Hello, lovelies! I’ve been so busy with work recently that I haven’t had time to blog – so I hope that everyone is doing well! So recently, I splashed out on more Kylie Cosmetics because the gloss just wasn’t enough. I mean, how can I give a solid review of the products, if I’m only reviewing one – right? With you fabulous people in mind (at least that’s what I’m telling myself) I decided to try out The Burgandy Palette, The Mary Jo K Matte single & the Koko Gloss.fullsizerender-16

The Burgandy Palette//

Tada! In all it’s glory. Got to say, this was one of the things I was MOST excited about – I never used to wear eyeshadow at all but this is stunning! As you can see the palette contains 9 colours all absolutely stunning in colour for $42 dollars aka £32.90 approx!

The colours themselves are so so vivid & velvety, from the moment the brush touches the powder, it sticks to the brush, the quality of the eyeshadow is second to none. Colours from left to right are Naked (satin finish golden sand), Beach (matte finish light warm brown), Penny (matte finish red-orange), LA (metallic finish true copper), Burgundy (matte finish bright red burgundy), Dubai (metallic finish burgundy), Brick (matte finish dirty brick), NY (metallic finish warm bronze), Almond (matte finish deep red brown). (

What great is that they’re all blendable with each other in some way, which means the amount of looks that you can create with this one palette is fab. For me, my usual day to day look would be to use the Naked on the lid and then blend with Penny on the upper lid, then bring just below my bottom eyes lashes


As you can see, they’re very vivid colours but they don’t need to be bold and extravagant – mix it up during the day with this light look. What is great, though, is that the palette would be perfect for your Christmas night time looks. The Burgandy Palette was a big buy for me, the main reason I bought it was because at the moment she had free shipping over 60USD so I thought, meh – why not. 

It is a fabulous investment into your makeup collection and I all suggest you all buy yourself one as they are honestly just stunning.

Mary Jo K Lipstick//

Okay so this is my first ever actually lipstick from the Kylie Cosmetics range, as I don’t really care about lip liner I thought I might as well just buy the matte single. First impressions were so so good! The colour is magnificently vibrant & I absolutely adore the red lip. The application is easy and simple but make sure you don’t accidently get it anywhere else because it is a lip stain.

FullSizeRender 21.jpg

Once this drys, it is very hard to get off – which is good and bad. Good because you can eat and drink and your lipstick won’t smudge (score) bad because you legit have to scrub it get it off. It is cheaper than a lip kit coming in at $17 for a single! aka £13.50 approx!

It’s an absolutely stunning colour, but I’m not sure if I love how dry it makes your lips feel even if they don’t look dry .

KoKo K Gloss//

FullSizeRender 22.jpg


Yes, I bought another gloss but I just love this one so much more than the last one! The colour is a peachy light pink which is also very vivid against your lip. It’s not too sticky either which is fab but I just absolutely adore this colour! Gret for jut an everyday lip – it does come as a lip kit too so if you fancy giving the lip kit ago then topping up with the gloss. (hint hint)

All in all, this  kylie order has just cemented the fact for me that she is creating killer good quality make up.

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lots of love

Flo x


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