J’adore Dior – Mini Review

Hi, guys! So recently I run out of foundation which was usually the no7 beautifully matte which I used to love so so much. Recently, it just feels like it’s just too thick so, I decided to just treat myself one more time. Also, I couldn’t resist Black Friday sales so – introducing the Christian Dior Forever foundation!

I bought the Forever Dior foundation, because, as I said previously I felt like the beautifully matte no7 was just too thick for my skin now. My skin has gotten so much better since I’ve started using my body shop vitamin E moisturiser (see the previous blog post on November Treats) that before – all I wanted was thick full coverage makeup to cover my face whereas now, I kinda want to show it off, and boy did I pick the right one.

FullSizeRender 9.jpg

Now, I’ve never had designer makeup before so I was super excited for it to arrive. I bagged this little beauty for £29.00 usually £33.00 pre-black Friday on the House of Frazer website. Not a massive saving, but got to remember you’re paying for Dior. Got to say, first impressions were amazing, the bottle itself is just so so beautifully designed.


This is what you get from one squirt! As you can tell it’s a quite nice consistency, not too light or heavy to give you a good medium coverage. One squirt is enough to do you whole face, I know that doesn’t sound like much but it does just glide over your face very effortlessly.


This is me without makeup ie before Apologies for my beastly eyebrows!

I went for the Linin 021 colour as I ordered online, I have olive skin so, I find difficult to find my perfect match, so this was the best to it and it was actually pretty bang on! Its Coverage is medium, so I probably wouldn’t recommend this if you had bad skin and wanted it fully covered, saying that though it is perfect for combination skin. Where your skin is dry it makes it look healthy and vibrant and where you have good skin it legit makes your skin glow without any effort.

On the left is my skin after one layer of the Dior foundation, as you can see it is slightly dark but I don’t mind that in the slightest. On the right is myself, after  my makeup is completed (and after some serious eyebrow plucking)

I honestly just love this foundation, it doesn’t leave your skin dry in my opinion and just give you a lush glow.So if you’re looking to splash out slightly and give your skin a treat then bag yourself some Dior foundation, it’s and investment which I will certainly be making again the future.

 thank you very much for reading my lovelies

lots of love

Flo xo

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4 thoughts on “J’adore Dior – Mini Review

    1. Aw thanks honey! It comes off really light too, so you don’t have to vigorously rub your face to get it off haha oh you should! Even if you keep it for special occasions it’s my favourite foundation ever 😇 xx


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