A Present for Me?

So guys, amidst all of the season festivities you don’t just settle for a standard advent calendar anymore my lovelies – the advent calendar game has changed and, boy, are there loads to pick from. SO , here is my handy guide of advent calendars ranging from beauty to chocolate, to gin and everything in between, because you don’t just have to treat yourself to a chocolate a day anymore.


Okay so this is probably one of my favourite advent calendars around this year is the beauty one. Depending on your budget, there are literally loads to choose from – so here are a select few of my favourites.

Charlotte Tilbury

The Queen of makeup, Charlotte Tilbury has released her own beauty advent calendar (yey) which I’m sure most of you already know. It is a little bit pricey, but you’re getting 12 mixed full size & mini products which are just amazing. You could buy this for yourself or as a gift for someone else at the price of £150. 

Marks & Spencers

Aha, I bet you didn’t think you were going to put this in here did you? Mostly because at full price it is £250! BUT unlike Tilbury’s you get a gift each day, what a win that is. The reason this is in here, apart from the fact that the gifts inside look incredible is that they have an offer on at the moment if you spend £35 on clothing ( which is easily done let’s be serious) you can bag this beauty advent calendar for only £35!! already sold out online – get to your nearest M&S now to bag this amazing deal .

No 7.

Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 16.51.56.png

Okay, so this one is probably my favourite one out of them all. The number 7 advent calendar is a mix of skincare and makeup & I honestly, can’t recommend both higher. I personally use No7 Skincare & foundation every day and I really wouldn’t use anything else. Best thing is, it’s only £39.00!!


Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 17.06.14.png

This one I really like (let’s just be honest, I like everything on this blog post) but this one is the here because they’re not massive things. Its full of 12 things that you’ll use every day, like lip balms, hand cream & nail files. Plus, it’s the cheapest one here at £10.99  at ASOS– bargain.


Okay, time for the yummy stuff. In my eyes, all chocolate advents are amazing, what is better than getting chocolate every single day and justifying it! So, without further ado – let’s get this started.

Hotel Chocolat


credit//hotel chocolat


YUM – this one is a caramel chocolate advent calendar by Hotel Chocolat, I absolutely love the description of it on the website where they describe two types of people. One who wait each day and open their chocolate and the other who open it up and eat the whole tray. Either way, for £12.50 – this sounds too delicious to pass & just look at the size of the chocolates!

My Protein




Resisting chocolate at this time of year is Hard and if you’re working out or just watching your weight this could be the perfect advent calendar for you. The MyProtein advent calendar contains 24 chocolate coins which contain more protein than carbs per coin. Coming in at £4.99 – it’s perfect if you’re watching the waistline and the bank balance!





The holy grail of advent calendars! Who doesn’t love Lindt chocolate?  This advent calendar which you can buy online at Selfridges comes with an arrangement of different animals such a bears and reindeer and much more for only …£12.99!  




Sticking with Selfridges– if you love gin and have a few bob to spare, treat yourself to this Drinks by the Dram Gin advent calendar! Behind every door is a different 30ml sample of gin for you to try each day – how great is that? Come in at cheaper than the Charlotte Tilbury makeup advent at £135, make your Christmas a little bit more merry if you get what I mean 😉

Master of Malt


Okay so I saw this one on This Morning and I couldn’t actually believe my eyes when they said the price, but it does include some of the most expensive & rarest whisky’s on earth – and sure you can treat yourself to this lovely advent calendar. IF YOU HAVE 10 GRAND TO SPARE. yes, you heard my right, this costs £9,999.

Hope this has helped with choosing your perfect advent calendar

lots of love & thanks for reading!

Flo x

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