baby, ​it’s cold outside.

Okay so, if anyone hasn’t noticed it’s absolutely freezing outside right now. Like I’m saying it could snow anytime, everyone’s car’s are starting to get iced up -it’s essentially like walking through Antartica. SO with this in mind and the fact that it’s getting close to Christmas (hears the faint sound of bells in the background) – here’s some top things to buy that won’t break your bank before you freeze to death orrrrrr run out of money. Whichever one comes first. 

Hot Water Bottles

I love a good hot water bottle. Honestly, though I haven’t had them since I was a kid, what a huge mistake that was. There’s a few on the high street at the moment that is just so lovely & plus they keep you warm and you get to cuddle something fluffy and cute. What’s not to love.


My ULTIMATE favourite (mum this is the one I was telling you about that I wanted for Christmas 😉 I’m just super girly and adore anything pink, this one just looks so so lush & soft. Coming in at £29.50 – it can hold 2litres of water (not bad) and although it is a tiny bit pricey, it’s M&S so you know it’s going to be worth it.

If you fancy something a little cuter, then bag yourself one of these cute little hotties from Next


How. Cute. Is. This. The snugglable hottie has a little lavender pouch inside, which you just pop in the microwave for about a minute (depending on how powerful your microwave is). Then you just pop it back in the teddy and wallah! Cuddly, snugglable teddies that last. This one comes in at £13.00 but I always find things like this just last. At present this is mine 


His name is Rufus & I got him as a Christmas present one year! He’s from Topshop – and Topshop usually does these ranges EVERYYEAR. Like I’m talking unicorns, sheep, dragons everything & they’re exactly the same as Next – just pop the little bean bag in the microwave & bobs your uncle. I think they’re around £10/£12? But I can’t remember & Topshop hasn’t released them yet for Christmas – old Rufus here is now the grand old age of three so apologies for not remembering the price!

If you’re looking for just a standard but cute hot water bottle then you really don’t need to look far. Paperchase does this lovely  simplistic old fashion waterbottle. It’s only £8.50! What a bargain that is – if this is the kind of thing that takes your fancy then have a look on their website, they really do have the cutest things.

Onesies/Dressing Gowns

Y’all are lying to yourself you say firstly, you don’t own a onesie & secondly, that you don’t secretly love it. Here are just a few of my absolute must have faves to keep you warm this Winter.


Walk around your house with a robe fit for royalty – look how comfy that looks. I think if I bought it, I would honestly just never take it off. Treat yourself to this Lush Full Fur Hooded (yes it’s hooded!) Robe from Topshop for the price of £36.00 – not to mention you get student discount on Topshop too. Just sayin

Also,if you’re like me and you love your animal pj’s/slippers ( anything racoon for me), but Next always do a wonderful range of Woodlandy themed comfys, like this one here-


These to me is just the cutest thing going! If the fox pockets aren’t enough then just look at the ears. Coming in at £30 it’s something that will last you all year round (plus its so very very cute). What I like about this too, is that it comes with matching pj’s, socks and slippers so you can match up all of your winter pjs. They also make great gifts!

Hats, Scarfs & Everything in between

So, I am definitely a Hat person, but I’m also a massive girl in the sense that I just hate hat hair. Yes, it keeps your head warm, but when you take it off your head is all sweaty and messy & I just can’t deal. SO – if you’re like me take a look at these beautiful earmuffs

ASOS have them on sale at the moment from £32.00 down to £20.00 which is a massive saving.

River Island also has a fabulous hat range going on at the moment – add a little bit of glam to your dark winter nights with this online exclusive at £15.00. The majority of hats right now are of course the bobble head & beanie ones, which you can find anywhere if that takes your fancy but me personally, I like to be that little bit different


Probably one of the items that I buy most of all are slippers. My mum legit bought me 5 pairs last year for Christmas because I just love having different types! I am loving what M&S are throwing out right now take a look …

Unleash your inner Christmas early with these slipper socks from Marks and Spencers. The reindeer ones on the left are currently £12 with red ones the right being £15 – guaranteed to keep your tootsies toastie.

Lots of love 

Irish Alex

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