Fly me to the moon..

 Hi, Guys! So recently I managed to bag myself a couple of extra days off work (score) so I decided why not fly over to see my family! It’s been 6months. It’s been six bloody months since I came back home to Northern Ireland and I couldn’t be happier to come back even if it is just for a long weekend or so. Flying in from Leeds to Belfast City is always a flight I enjoy, the flight is short & I usually sleep which is fab but I absolutely love landing into Belfast City. Why? The first sight I see are these beauties.fullsizerender-12

You probably can’t see them that well but it’s the Harland & Wolf cranes! The cranes that were made & housed the make of Titanic. A film I absolutely love and it’s just something that makes me think – I am home. My first night at home is always the laziest, we have a fabulous Chinese in the village where I live which I legit crave when I’m away, so we all sat down for a nice little simple Chinese takeaway. What I was most excited about though was going into town the next day, all I’ve heard from my brother & my mum is how fab Bob & Bert’s is.

I adore the decor in this place, it’s so rustic and natural. The table, for example, is just a mix match of tiles ( see photo below) Although I am on a diet (laughs) I’m essentially on holiday so, I  decided to treat myself to this fantastic burger FullSizeRender 11.jpg

FullSizeRender 10.jpg

HOW GOOD DOES THIS LOOK? For people wanting to know, it’s called a ‘Ranch Burger’ which is *clears throat* A cheese, bacon, red onion, ranch mayo & onion ring burger served with garlic fries. Are you drooling? you should be – this is one of the best burgers everrrrrr – more importantly, you can swap your fries for sweet potato ( which I didn’t do but i just stole my mums) But honestly its such good value for money. For 4 people all having meals and a drink it came to less than £10pp – will I be going again? YES. Am I sad that there isn’t a Bob & Bert’s in England? YES.

More importantly, I got to see my two best friends since high school which is something that firstly unexpected as usually I’m either too busy with the fam bam or they’re either in Spain (yes Jessica I’m talking about you) or living it up in Belfast (yes Aimee)FullSizeRender 9.jpg

Seeing these two beauties has legit been one of the biggest highlights of my time home. Living in England away from these two have been hard because the three of us have been best friends since 2005? oh my god 11 years. They are the two people in my life that even though I haven’t seen them 3 years ( we’re all so so terrible at staying in contact) we pick up where we left off – as if nothing ever changed. I don’t know how many other people can do this with their best friends but I am the luckiest person ever to have these two in my life!

FullSizeRender 13.jpg

To make this trip even better, my sister is coming down for the night which means the whole family will be together for the first time properly in years!


This just sums up me and my family completely, take just as I was about to leave for the airport. Goodbyes never get easier, I hate leaving my family – but it’s never a goodbye it’s just a see you later as you can tell my the little tear in my eyes. ❤

Also, my mum bought me one of these to try out..

FullSizeRender 14.jpg

Only 99p from Superdrug, they are amazing! I will be doing an in-depth review on my next blog post because they’re all the craze at the moment- anyway, until next time my beauties – I’ve got a fantastic takeaway waiting for me so without further ado

lots of love

IrishAlex xo


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