Did someone say Shopping?

Okay so if you don’t by now I am completely in love with everything Cath Kidston, I’ve mentioned some of the products in my previous post  but I’m just going to share some of my most favourite items that I’ve bought & also some must need essentials that everyone needs to be honest. 

Lots of Polka Dots.

Now we’re officially in Autumn, approaching the winter months the weather is going to get nasty. It will rain, it will be windy, and it will suck – however that doesn’t mean your style needs to suffer. Why not treat yourself to this utterly adorable Button Spot Shower Resistant Long Raincoat  comes in two colours (blue and green) but also floral prints if you just want to add a splash of colour into your life. Also – its folds away into a bag, how perfect is that!? Coming in at £39.00 it’s the perfect classic edition to your winter wardrobe.


Dresses at Cath Kidston are classic. They’re just such classic prints that you can really wear at every time of the year. This Garden Birds Sleeveless Dress comes in at a pricey £60 but the quality of the dress is a dress that will last you a lifetime.

credit// Cath Kidston

When I found this glasses case I was over the moon! Firstly I wear glasses occasionally & I usually end up leaving them everywhere and forgetting about them, even when I do put them in their case it’s black, so I can never them. These bright and colourful Billie goes to Town classes case it was the perfect solution! *also they match my backpack so I am over the moon

Back to Uni

I know I may be a little late in adding in a back to university section but better late than never! Cath Kidston have legit everything you need for getting back into uni such some of the most perfect stationary you will ever see. This is one of my absolute favs.

Credit// Cath Kidston

Making meals at university is quite frankly a pain in the arse, you either settle for something quick and easy. (in my case this was either noodles or pasta bake) OR (also in my case) you just ended up ordering copious amounts of Takeaway. I shamefully had Chinese takeaway 3 days in a row once because my best friend broke her wrist and neither of us could be bothered to cook. However! This meal planner would have actually made my life so much eaiser being able to plan meals and make shopping lists rather than wing it every day for 3 years. Coming in at £12 it’s such a tiny investment that might save you lots of money in the future!

Credit//Cath Kidston

CK do loads of book bags that are perfect for when you wake up too late for a 9am lecture and need to shove some of your notes into a bag and go! This is personally my favourite, I adore this print so so much, I actually have this in the Backpack version they have a laptop section in the bag for your laptop so it is also perfect for uni – coming in at around £18.00.

Also, treat yourself to the essential bag for when you go home to visit the parents every now and again!

Credit// Cath Kidston

These perfect travel bags are £50  but they are fold away! Yes, I’m such a sucker for anything the folds away, especially at uni you don’t need anything take up extra space in your already small room – treat yourself!


Make note making in lectures that little bit easier with some matching stationary, I could go on an endless rant about how amazing this stationary is and which ones I would buy ( yes I have the notebook) I could easily buy all the stationary – but also ( even if you’re not at university) the notebooks are perfect for blogging ideas! That’s what I use mine for, at least when I have ideas at least.


Special Offers


I love mugs, I don’t know why but i really do just love buying mugs, I have two of these and there is a good reason why! Currently, they’re £6.50 per mug OR good old CK have a fab offer on for 4 for £20 which saves you about £6 in total! Plus they’re huge mugs, honestly they’re just fab I can’t recommend highly enough! *also they make fab Christmas gifts just saying*

Make Up bags! Girlies, we al love a good make-up bag, don’t we? I never end up keeping my makeup actually in it but I like the idea SO have a look at this little deal. Usually, it’s £20 for a makeup bag BUT for a fabulous £28 why not bag yourself a Make up bag & a Washbag for £28?

Anything else, take a little look at the website my lovelies! * if you use the code Winter16 when you spend £25 or more at the checkout then you get free delivery- yey*


Until next time 

IrishAlex xo




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