It’s Pumpkin Carving Time.

Who doesn’t love a good pumpkin carving session? I know I bloody love one – so this year (now that I have a blog) I’m going to document my attempt at pumpkin carving, but also give you guys some tips on how to do it 🎃

Firstly, acquire the perfect pumpkin!

FullSizeRender 7.jpg


Secondly, the pumpkin carving kit! Okay, so I know when I say pumpkin carving kit it sounds like I’m a proper hardcore pumpkin carver but no – you can pick them up for £3 or so at Waitrose &  they’re a really good investment! Mine look like this .

FullSizeRender 13.jpg

So really nothing too fancy, just little saws to cut and shape your pumpkin, but also a scoop and a little pointer (which you will defo need). Then the icky part – scooping the pumpkin out. I hate this bit, I always try and get someone else to do this bit because I just hate scooping it out – this year however I prevailed!

FullSizeRender 11.jpg

Who doesn’t need a cup of tea while pumpkin carving right? SO now that the worst part is over, it’s time to pick a stencil and start putting it on the stencil. Last year’s pumpkin turned out much better than this year’s as I did Simba from The Lion King, however, this year I chose something a little darker & went for Maleficent. Which I always find on Pinterest by the way. I love that website! anyway..

It printed out a little bit badly as I was running out of printer ink. When you’ve chosen your stencil just stick it with sellotape to the pumpkin, cutting where needed so that the stencil fits nicely. Then it’s time to go around the outline, using the pointer shown previously go around the outlines of the image.

It takes time depending on how tricky your design is when you’ve done that take the paper off. You’ll look at the pumpkin and think – why have I done this it makes no sense whatsoever – go grab some talc or flour and rub into the pumpkin where the new holes are. By doing this, you make the holes more visible and easier for you to cut out.

It’s not the best photo in the world but you get the idea when cutting make sure to cut straight so your design comes through – this is just an example of how I do my pumpkins, my boyfriends this year is amazing – look below for the final product!

Just for good measure, here are last years pumpkins too, to prove I’m not as crap at pumpkin carving haha ( JJ’s on the left and mine on the right)


anyway my lovelies, I hope you’ve enjoyed my little pumpkin adventure, and that it may give you some inspo on to how to cut and carve our pumpkins.


Irish Alex xo



6 thoughts on “It’s Pumpkin Carving Time.

    1. Aw thank you! 🙂 I do love a good pumpkin carving session, but it does take a little bit of patience but it’s all worth it hehe xx


  1. Aww I really like your pumpkin carving skills! Your post is getting me in the mood to start mine😀 Do you do anything with it like baking after Halloween or just throw it away? Lovely post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. aw thank you hehe & it’s a lot easier than it looks! No I haven’t in the past but I might this year seeing as a household we’ve done about 4 pumpkins haha be a shame to waste it – aw thank you 🙂 xx


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