Bibbity Bobbity Boo

It’s that time of year again where we can all pretend  we’re kids again,(yay) yes it is Halloween! I absolutely love Halloween, all the candy, pumpkin carving, scary movies, dressing up = the bright oranges and deep browns, conker collecting and – the fact we can all let out our creative sides run wild and free. So today i’m going to share with you my favourite favourite halloween bakes to make your home more spooky than ever  but also my must see movies.🎃👻 (banner photo credit:aeropostale via pinterest)

Halloween Baking!

#1 Ginger Bread Skeleton Men


Want to bake something relatively easy? Ginger Bread Skeleton Men are the perfect things to bake! They’re essentially just your standard ginger bread man, piped with white icing in the design of skeletons. You can get gingerbread men cookie cutters for the shape in nearly any store around halloween.

If you’re interested in making the these spooktacular little guys then head over to asda good living where they will give you a list of ingredients & how to make them!

#2 Spooky Spider Cookies!


Aren’t these the perfect match between spooky and cute?    I found them on Pinterest from a fabulous little blog called Life is Poppin and i just had to add them to the blog post! 

I am a massive fan of Baking, and lets face it everyone loves cookies! (shame on you if you don’t) This is the perfect fun twist to put on cookies (and also they look very very yummy) I know M&S do great little thumbprint cookies as part of there new baking range and they look ah-mazinggg.


#3 Candy Apples!

credit:cooking classy

Autumn is not complete without some delicious candy apples, head over to cooking classy for the recipe, but they look very simple and affective! Unlike the first two treats, these indulgent caramel apples look sophisicated and aesthetically beautiful enough just to bring your home properly into Autumn. Please read the recipe though, the caramel needs to be heated to a perfect temperture but she explains all of that on her site 🍏 

*if you don’t fancy caramel, you can dunk and decorate your candy apples anyway you like!*


Who doesn’t love a good halloween movie!? Theres just something irresistible about watching movies so scary that you’re afraid to walk to the bathroom in the middle of the night in the dark. Don’t lie, I know we’ve all done it before. Thing that I love about halloween movies, it that not all of them will make you so scared that you have nightmares.

Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus.gif

credit: gify

Halloween is not complete without Hocus Pocus! A classic film made all the way back in 1993, shows a boy called Max accidentally brings back three witches who used to live in the house he broke into, after not believing a story that was told to him. Little did he know how powerful ( and quite frankly hilarious) the witches are – he must steal back their spell book to stop them being immortal and riening havoc. This films charmingly cheesy aspects makes it the perfect movie to welcome halloween with. Scoring a rather good  a 6.7 rating on IMBd it is definitely something you just HAVE to watch. Its kind of like watching Elf at christmas. it. is. a. must.

Shaun of the Dead

shaunof the dead.gif
credit: gify

Okay so maybe not the first film that comes to mind when you think of Halloween, but come on, it’s got zombies! You can’t beat a good zombie film now can you? Shaun of the Dead is a hilarious zombie apocolypse movie with no other than Nick Frost and Sean Pegg. The two gather up other members of their family to try and hide/fight the zombie culture. Hands down, very funny with plenty of gags and gore to get you into the halloween spirit, plus who does’t love a good pint at the winchester waiting for it all to blow over eh?

Now time for the Scary Stuff..

Okay so ‘The Unborn’ and ‘Insidious” in my opinion are the two scariest films I’ve watch to date. Although Insidious isn’t traditionally scary, there are parts of it that stick with me and scare me even until this day (yeah i’m a wimp whatever).* You know previously when I mentioned feeling scared to go to the bathroom in the dark? yup it was this film* The Parents of a young boy are doing everything they can to save there son who is possessed by a malevolent entity. Very terrifying and reminds me slightly of the Exorcist. 100% on my list of top scariest movies to watch at halloween!

“The Unborn”  is equally as terrifying, the film see’s Casey Beldon on a journey to discover a family curse that actually takes her all the way back to Nazi Germany and discovers an evil spirit that has the power to possess anyone within its past. Doesn’t sound captivating but the special affects are some of the creepiest pieces of work I have ever seen in a movie. It’ll have you creeped out for weeks.

credit: gify

Only mentioning this one briefly, but I just couldn’t leave out Hannibal. Hannibal to mere the ultimate creepy brain teaser, what i love about the films is that they are a proper deep thinking, murder mystery set of films that are really down right creepy. A must see, if you haven’t already, there are 5 films in total Manhunter (1986) The Silence of the Lambs (1991) Hannibal (2001) Red Dragon (2002) Hannibal Rising (2007) so lots and lots to keep you busy over the scary festive season.


credit: not on the high street

Last but certainly not least, decorations! These fairy lights are my absolute fave, they’re a simple, affective and cheap way to not only bring the halloween but brighten up your hope. Just think how halloweeny your house would feel with these little beauties draped above the curtains or around the windows. These little beauties can be found on where you can purchase them for just £9.99 – bargin!


Halloween – Boo-looons🎈

Balloons! Balloons are cheap and cost affective to do up your home for any occasion, wither it’s for a halloween party, our just something fun to do with the kids, no shindig is complete without balloons – or as I like to called them Boo-Looons. Head over to for a massive range on how to design your balloons differently, they’re super easy to make with the majority being made with just a simple sharpie!

Mason Jar Luminaries


Bringing a little bit of light into you life this halloween! Mason Jar Luminaries are essentially idiot proof and also give your room a really nice feeling! Mason Jars can be bought nearly anywhere now, as they’re so popular. These beautiful little Luminaries can be made by buying halloween stickers, like these from easyshop owner and blogger Super easy and they can be custom made, so don’t forget to have a look just by clicking the halloween stickers link above.


 using a primer then painting over the mason jar, within or glitter then you simply peel off the sticker once dry, then pop a little LED tea lights which you can get in a range of different coloursA very easy way to make your home a little more spooky.🦇🕷

Party Time

This is just one of my favourite halloween playlists, if you’re throwing a party, or getting ready for a night outcome (if not all of these songs) should be on your playlist right now! Spotify allow you to make you’re own playlist for free, also listen to music for free but you’ll just have to listen to the odd ad now and again. Songs like “Thriller” and “Monster Mash” are just ULTIMATE favourites and must haves! – if you do not have this on you’re halloween play list then shame on you- and lets face it, they’re so much fun to dance to sober never mind at a party!

Anyway my lovelies that is it for my halloween post

I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have enjoyed writing it!

If you could like, comment and share to your friends it would be greatly appreciated 

lots of love & have a happy halloween!




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