Brioche for Breakfast.

🌲Hi Guys!🌲

This week went off on my very first trip to Centre Parc’s in Sherwood Forest in Nottingham. It is honestly so so lovely here I don’t want to leave, but also it gives me unlimited time to do as much blogging as I can. eeeeeep. So here is a little bit of what I got up to on my time away..

Center Parc's

First impressions is that this place is massive, it really is but it is also so so beautiful. We’re staying in Sherwood Forest in Nottingham and although there seems like it’s very busy and there are lots of cabins near by, you feel so secluded in your own little space. Every window looks out on a different part of the part of the forest. What is also incredibly cute is the sheer amount of Squirrels that you get. Every now and again, even as i’m trying this blog, Squirrels will come up to the window, as will Robin Redbreasts. It is very cute.


What I love about Center Parc’s is that it make me feels like i’m camping and i’ve always loved camping. You just get so close to nature, it takes you away from all the stress’ of “normal” life and gives you unlimited me time; and who doesn’t love me time.

The amount of stuff that you can do here is just unreal, from rock climbing to pony rides, to quad biking and tree climbing and the massive swimming pool. The swimming pool I can’t rate high enough, it’s called “subtropical paradise” & it’s just so much fun. The pool itself is divided into two sections, but then you also have 3 kids areas in separate pools, two slides and my favourite. The Lazy River. I don’t know who doesn’t love a good lazy river. If you haven’t been on one then you must at some point in your life, put i ton your bucket list now. The best way to describe it is they have currents that take you around a type of river, going up and down little rapids. so. much. fun.

Today my boyfriend and I went rock climbing! I haven’t been rock climbing in years and the fearless part of my booked it thinking this will be ace, I will climb to the top no problem. no. no no no. Realistic Alex soon remembered that she is scared of heights and couldn’t get up more than half of each of the rock climbing walls. My boyfriend however was climbing up the walls like monkey no bother. I’m very glad I did it though, because it pushed me out of my comfort zone, which i think is a vital must from time to time.

We also did a little bit of Target Archery, which was probably one of the best activities that I did while i was there! Also found out i’m not too bad with a bow and arrow.

But it’s okay though, because the giftshops they they have here are just to die for. Two of the pictures featured here are in a shop called ‘Treats’ which is just a giant sweet shop, lots and lots of different pick and mixes, millions tubes and fill your own jelly bean tube which has 10 different flavours. It just adds to the magic of this place – it can be a little bit more expensive than you usual Sweet Shops but this is Center Parc’s so expect things to be a little but more pricy. Saying that though, it’s all worth it.


Imagine my surprise when I found out they sell Cath Kinston in Center Parc’s. Of course I just had to buy myself some goodies, it would be rude not to! The mugs were only 2 for £10 -I literally couldn’t say no. hehe. The notepad & the pen are going to be my new blogging essentials!


Can we all just appreciate amazing this Starbucks is. I could not think of a better place each morning to drink some coffee (or in my case a mango & passionfruit frappuccino ) and gear myself up for the day ahead.

Food around here is just as lush as the trees outside, they have everything from Indian Curry houses, to Bella Italia they even have a pancake house! Last night we proper pigged out on the Indian which is called Rajinda Pradesh – which is expensive. I won’t sugar coat that but by god is it one of the best indians I have ever been to!

Say hello to my little niece Margaux making her debut in my blog. It truly is an amazing Indian, starting off with some classic Onion Bhaji. The onion bhaji just came as shredded onion, dipped in the batter and friend and in a bowl, not moulded together in a ball like traditional bhaji’s. Once I devoured this I knew I was in for a treat with the rest of the meal, you always get a good feel for how the meal is going to turn out, am I right?

For anyone who thinks, mmm activities aren’t really for me but I love the the idea of going to centre parc’s – look no further. THEY HAVE A SPA PEOPLE.

Yes you heard me correctly, Centre Parc’s has a spa, and a darn good one it is too! On my last day I decided to treat myself to getting my nails done. I absolutely love getting my nails done but I can never find the time outside of work to go get them done.


But anyway my lovelies, that is just a little snipit into my first ever trip to Center Parc’s Nottingham//Sherwood Forest! I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading

lots of love





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