When you wish upon a star..

Hi Guys! As I’ve mentioned in my previous post Treat Yo’self Disney is hot right now. Im not just talking the odd Disney mug oh no no no, but Disney everything. We’re talking sleep shirts, shoes and even underpants. Now, I am legit the biggest Disney fan going so i’m going to give you the run down on what should be on your Disney Wishlist.

✨Cath Kidston✨

I’ve never been more excited for a collaboration session in my life. The lovey Cath Kidston team have paired up with no other than Disney, to work together and design some beautiful limited edition pieces. The pieces are 100% limited edition, don’t make the same mistake I made thinking they will be restocking because unfortunately once they’re gone they’re gone. 

Disney Cath Kidston.jpg
credit//Cath Kidson via Pinterst.

So this is the kind of cute collaborations we can be expecting from Disney X Cath Kidston – The Winnie The Pooh collection is now out of stock forever 😢

However.. Coming on December 5th there will be a new range being released. (yay) We don’t quite know what it is yet, but i’m sure it will be revealed soon! I hear it involves to rather famous mice.. 

(I secretly hope a Bambi collaboration happens at some point)


Unleash Disney into your everyday life by wearing these ridicilously trendy socks. Only £5.00 per pair on ASOS , add them to your wardrobe to make you feel a bit better and nail the Disney trend by popping these into your basket. Go on, you know you want to.

Talking of popping things into your basket, add this to yours while you’re at it. From the same store, this Disney Sleep Tee is just too perfect. Every girl needs her go to sleep shirt, add this to your collection for only £20.00. Ultimate. Squad.Goals.





Let everyone know your a princess in the most fashionable of ways with this Rose Gold Princess Tiara Ring from Pandora. This fairy tale design embodies a heart with a single stone in the centre. at £60.00 it’s not too expensive, plus, you’ll be allowed to secretly wear a tiara in public. What else could you want?



If rings aren’t really your style, say hello to these fantastic tiara earingsAdding a little bit of sparkle into your every day life. Also i should mention that the Tiara Ring also comes in cheaper in the Silver, so you could match the ring wit the earings. how perfect would that be! 



On the sleep shirt vibe, I got this as a present for my 23rd birthday from my best friend Jenni (hi jenni if you’re reading this) and it is the most perfect thing ever! From the movie Lilo and Stitch this just adds a bit of fun into you life. The top is a great investment from Etsy maker IIMVCLOTHING and comes in at £12.50, add this to your wardrobe now.


If you’re like me, then you  sometimes need the reassurance that you’re the princess that you are.👸🏻 This mug from Etsy  store owner MissHarry who hand makes every one of her mugs, which makes them 100% unique to whoever buys them. Very Cute, very funny and should definitely be on your Disney Wishlist.

disney starbuck.jpg

Everyones needs there Starbucks fix, get yours in the style of your favourite Disney Movie! Coming it at around £8.50 from Etsy maker JustBeBohoCollective.

✨Disney Store✨



Okay so if you haven’t heard of Disney Traditions then shame on you. You find them not just on the disney store online but also via Clintons Cards. They’re wooden carved disney figures, which are perfect gifts for anyone really, if you’ve recently had a baby or know someone who does, its a perfect way to introduce Disney into your home in a classy non childish ways. Disney Traditions offer a fun range of different charaters  to suit your favourites. This beautiful Thumper figure comes in at around £18.00 so it doesn’t break the bank.


Just to sweeten up your morning, why not make waffles even better.

credit//waffle maker// amazon

Mickey Mouse Waffles and and your favourite toppings just to make your morning that little bit more magical.

Hope you enjoyed this one my lovelies, it’s been so much fun to make a Disney post.

lots of love





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