Fairgrounds & Merry-go-Rounds

🎈 Hi guys! Just been on a recent trip to the glorious Hull Fair that happens every year at around this time ( its an official greeting into October) so I thought i’d share just a few photos of my recent adventure! Also, don’t forget Hull is City of Culture next year, so if you fancy coming to Hull, remember – October is the month to come.  There is just something that I love about going to the fair, ( not going to lie, might just be the food) but it just makes me feel like a kid again. Spending money trying to win stupid things, spending ages at the coin machines trying to win that fiver lodged in there that isn’t going to come out but you keep trying anyway?

Trying desperately hard to get that teddy that you’re never going to play with again.

Eating so much candy floss that you convince yourself you’re okay to go on the spinning tea-cups then end up throwing up every where..

Taking too much money out with you can convincing yourself you’re not going to spend it all and you do? We’ve all been there – so here are some of my favourite snaps from todays mini adventure.


I love how big the stalls are! More importantly I love the teddybears ( yes I am still a massive child at heart)
Aren’t these the most glorious muffins you’ve ever seen in your life? Rocky Road muffins, £2.00 per muffin – i’m gaining weight just looking at them
Wanted to take him home with me! He would have been called Alfred.
The Carousel is probably one of my most favourite rides at the fairground, however I don’t ride them often as I get Vertigo occasionally and don’t want to make myself too ill.


Ticket for one please for the most trap ride!
Enough different flavours of lollies to keep you going for months, Strawberry Split and blueberry. yum.
Can’t resist taking photos of the carosel
Me and my other half enjoying a well earned day off at the fair.


Hope you’ve enjoyed my photos’s guys & gals! New posts coming up really soon

can’t wait to publish them!

like/share/comment ❤

lots of love



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