So now you’re twenty..

Woohoo you’re no longer a teenager, great! … now what? OH YEAH, you’re an adult now, which means the impending dread of doing adult things like getting a job and paying bills weigh heavy on your shoulder like you’re giving a fat man a piggy back. Its not all doom and though guys, it really isn’t so while you’re panicking about what to do read my Top 7 things you really should focus on during your selfish years.

#1 Travel Lots

Break out of your shell and discover things outside of your home town. Be brave. Sometimes the best things are unexpected, so book yourself that flight to Australia, take a trip around Europe if you want to, go to America and travel route 66, do whatever you like. On the way you’ll explore new cultures, new people and new places and probably find a bit more of yourself along the way.


#2 Work out & Eat Healthy

I know this one sounds boring, but future you will thank you. All those years at university eating noodles, Chinese takeaway, pizza, Oreos and pasta really takes an impact on your health and your body. Now is the time to invest in yourself, now you must eat things like chicken and avocado and pretend to like them by posting them on Instagram.


#3 Goodbye Bad Vibes

It’s time to say goodbye to everyone in your life that gives you grief and holds you back, it isn’t high school anymore. You don’t need to put up with stuff anymore, say cya to all the toxic people, people who don’t give you the time of day or just constantly bring you into bad situations.


#4 Be Yourself

Embrace who you are! You don’t have to try and fit in anymore, or hide things that you thought were cool – but other people didn’t. If you’re goofy, be goofy! In reality once you just start embracing who you are and what you really want to wear, you realise everyone cares less than you think anyway.

new girl jess.gif

#5 Don’t Stay in a Job You Hate

I know this one doesn’t make sense given the way the world is at the moment and that jobs can be hard to find, but if you’re not happy- don’t do it! Nothing will suck the life out of you more if you’re doing a job you hate everyday, at some point even the ‘do it for the money’ won’t even be worth it. You will  find something better.


#6 Spend Time With Your Family

Lets just assume you didn’t have the best relationship with your family when you were a teenager, am i right? yeahhh thought so. It happens to all of us! Now you’ve grown up, you should really learn to appriciate the family that you have and spend as much time with them as you can. 

modern family.gif


#7 Don’t Panic and Have Fun!

Ive always been told that your twenties are your selfish years, so just don’t panic. You do not need to get everything sorted now, or find your dream job right away, or buy a house – or settle down and get married. Everything will fall into place the way it will mean to, so in the mean time, chill out and have fun and do whatever you like. At the end of the day you only hit your twenties once, so enjoy them.


lots of love



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