A Guide to Northern Ireland.

Hi Guys!

So this week I thought instead of doing the same old review i’d give you all a little bit of an insight into my homeland – the gorgeous Emerald Isle – that is Northern Ireland. Most of you probably won’t know any other places in Northern Ireland other than Belfast, which is fine because Belfast is amazing, but today i’m going to give you the must haves & must dos of good old Northern Ireland.

The Lingo!

First of all, if we’re asking for the craic we do not mean drugs. Craic just means whats happening / its good, aka banter. it can be used as “Aww whats the craic” or “aw that was mighty craic that was’ either way – it is a good thing!  We have our own ways of saying things such as ..

  • Bout Ye! = An elated greeting
  • Baltic = Cold. worse than cold.
  • Wee = Not just used in Scotland guys! you can have a wee bit of that and a wee bit of this or just put you’re wee card into the wee machine there.
  • Houl yer whisht = be quiet!
  • Banjaxed = completely beyond repair. completely.



Secondly crisp sandwiches are a real thing and they’re even better with these yummy things. Tayto crisps can only be bought in Ireland, a heart breaking reality I only figured out when I came to England for university and my mum had to send me bulk packages every so often to help with withdrawal. It was a hard time.

Lets move on to the must see’s shall we!?

Must See's

#1 Game of Thrones Sets!

First on the list is The Dark Hedges. It one of my most favourite places that i’ve visited in Northern Ireland, it’s so beautiful and easy to find, but also it is a set for Game of Thrones. YES I am, like the majority of the people a massive GoT fan. Very big fan of how the last season ended #GoSansa. The Dark Hedges features within the show as The Kings Road very early on in Season two when Arya escapes Kings Landing.. Yes that long ago. When nearly everyone of your favourite characters were still alive. ah those were the days.. anywho!

Dark Hedges//Game of Thrones S2Ep1

Pictured on the left is how it looked in season two, not very advertising but in all fairness it is Game of Thrones. Below however was how beautiful it looked when I visited in August 2015 with my family. Although there isn’t much to do here, it’s 100% worth the visit

Dark Hedges// August 2015

It’s one of the prettiest places in Northern Ireland hands down, i can’t even imagine how beautiful this place is in the Autumn. Located near in the northern region of Ireland, it’s very close if you even fancy going to the White Rocks or even Portrush down to the beach. If you’re a Game of Thrones fan and fancy seeing the Dark Hedges yourself, click the link below and it’ll give you all the details on how to get there just click here.

#2 Ballintoy Harbour

Majority of you have probably never heard of Ballintoy harbour, or where it even is on a map of Northern Ireland which is exactly why it’s on the list. It’s also on the list because it is also another Game of Thrones loaction *woohoo*. Its a relatively short drive from The Dark Hedges to Ballintoy Harbour which also knows as The Iron Islands!

Located on the coast it really is a beautiful and another free place to visit! This location is used quite a lot I believe, Yara tends to stand there when the small boats head out to sea!

Giants Causeway!

Ta Da! Majority of you will know about the Giants Causeway, it is a hefty walk up and down to it so wear good shoes! I’m only mentioning the Causeway briefly, not only is it a must see, but because there is a visitors centre at the site. Now, the visitors centre is lovely however – you do not need to pay to see the causeway through this site. If you go up the side of the building you can walk down to the causeway for free as it is a National Heritage site! The £9 charge ( ridiculous) is to use the visitors centre/ the parking. This is a free site. Take a look at the official giants causeway site here for more info 😀


Probably doesn’t surprise you all that I am a huge lover of the Titanic, not just the film but everything about it! If you’re interested in the film, or in the ship then Belfast is the place to be! Recently new Titanic Quarter ( I saw recently new, it’s defo 4/5 years old now) firstly has the most scrumptious little cafe – honestly the cakes. oh. my. days. Secondly, it’s a really really lovely and honest museum and it takes you through how the ships were made to artefacts from the wreck, to recreations of the room.

photo credit: wikipedia

It’s really is worth while – plus it is built right beside the cranes (you know those two massive yellow things) named Samson and Goliath – bet you didnt know they were named huh? 😉 where the titanic was actually build – so pretty cool right?

Prices don’t go above £17pp for an adult, children ages 5-16 get in for £7.25 i think? with Children under 5 going free – all of the prices and dates can be found at this website, where it has all the info.


Lastly the best place of earth, Portrush (woo) I love coming here, it’s a seaside town with everything that you would want from a sea side town. Lots of ice-cream, fish and chips, amusements arcades- not to mention good old Barrys! Barrys is essentially the closest thing we will ever get to an amusement park in Northern Ireland, but it is so much fun! Best memories being a kid at Barry’s and just going on rides until i threw up or I ran out of money. Usually the latter.. But if you’re up for something a little bit different, why not go Coasteering?

to quote the website

“Coasteering is raw adrenaline; cliff jumping, bouldering, climbing, belly flopping, rough treatment by waves, clambering and using our rugged coastline as an adventure playground”

I’ve done this before and it is so so so much fun! Don’t get me wrong though, you’re jumping into the Atlantic, it is going to be baltic. Very cold indeed – but all worth it! if you fancy giving it a shot, just click here to find out more!


Couldn’t do a post about Northern Ireland without mentioning my wee village, with the boss ass chinese called Yens! Hopefully i’ll get to go home soon ❤

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4 thoughts on “A Guide to Northern Ireland.

  1. A wonderful insight into our wee world and it’s only the tip of the ice berg..glad you mentioned our wee village….queues are now massive for Yens


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