Is this really the best Bridget yet?

Hey Guys!

So i’ve recently splurged out on a little girlie night with my fabulous besties to go and see the ultimate chick flick out right now, yes thats right. Bridget. Jones. Now .. I don’t know about you but I just love the films, straight back from the first movie in 2001 , wait . 2001!? Nooooo … it hasn’t been 15 bloody years had it!? christ..  to The Edge of Reason – not to mention the new book ( see earlier blog post about autumn) it’s just a bloody marvellous franchise, so here I am – going to give you an honest review on Bridget Jones’s Baby, titled “The Best Bridget Ever”

*slight teeny tiny spoilers but nothing that will ruin the film (don’t say I didn’t warn you, if you haven’t seen the film by now shame on you!)*

Essentially for those of you who don’t know about the plot, little Bridget is now 43 years old, still single and still living in that lovely little apartment in London (Don’t know why but i’ve always loved that flat) Now working as a producer for a TV News show *go Bridget woo*  AND finally reaching her goal weight, she essentially plotting along being her fabulous singleton self. Aha but where is Mark Darcy you ask? well .. they only went and broke up didn’t they and he married a lovely women called Camilla I think? – Didn’t really pay attention to her if I’m honest, anywho. Bridget ends up having a little sexy time with no other than Patrick bloody Dempsey aka Jack Quant *swoon* in a tent, THEN later on in the month, has a little bit more sexy time with Mr Darcy himself – Bridget + double sexy time + dolphin friendly condoms = baby … but who’s?

Throughout the movie you go through stages of wanting the baby to be Jacks, and wanting the baby to be Marks. Jack, played by Dempsey I feel is just a replacement for Hugh Grant not agreeing to be in this film. Personally I would have cared far more about the baby being Daniel Clever’s or Mark Darcy’s, the script would have been funnier and I feel the banter between Clever and Darcy would be hilarious to watch – not to mention to see Clever’s reaction to Bridget with the pregnancy etc, in order to make up for this loss of character, they only way to beat Clever’s charm was to create someone better for Bridget than Mr Darcy. Thus welcome Jack – now Jack is a multi millionaire, gorgeous, fit, caring american who looks good in everything knitted ( he wear a lot of knitted clothing) , famous for creating a dating website (cheesy? .. slightly) He is everything we would want for Bridget and he genuinely cares for her, you can see that although he knows the baby might not be his.

The problem in trying to believe that Jack cares for Bridget more than Mark is that you just can’t. The two previous movies have shown us undoubtedly how much this couple loves each other, through thick and thin the writers had already created the perfect man for Bridget long before the idea of Jack came into practice. He broke her out of Thai prison for gods sake.. THIS ASIDE the battle between Jack and Mark is classic  almost Mark vs Cleaver ( no fighting in the rain to Its Raining Men though sadly ), they go back and fourth, they attend baby scans (apart and separate) to the hands-down hilarious and no-nonsense gynaecologist who is played by the fabulous Emma Thompson, also hilarious scenes in the baby and mother classes. Bridget’s three best friends  also are all still involved in the film, but of course – boringly they all have children but still swear a heck of a lot.

Darcy is yet again played by Colin Firth, if in honest Firth can’t do anything wrong in my books he’s just so lovely. In the past films, i’ve never felt like i’ve seen Mark love Bridget in the way that we know he does if that makes sense? He is the awarkdly lovely human rights lawyer who’s job essentially comes before anything else. He tries over and over again to show how much her loves her, and although its clear to us it’s not clear to Bridget. What I personally loved in this film was that he gave it all up for Bridget, he put her first for perhaps the first time ever and there is a genuinely touching moment when Bridget is in labour. She asks him, but what if the baby isn’t yours? and he replied ‘ then i’ll love him anyway, as long as I have you – i’ve spend my life with my work being my world, now you’re my world” ( i am proper ad-libbing this but this is more or less what was said)


That scene really touched my heart, at that moment it seemed real for them, no more him marrying other people or her sleeping with other men – but lots more of his folding underwear in her life.

The movie however, despite the flaws is a truly wonderful addition to the Bridget Jones Saga, it had me laughing from the first scene through to the last. The movie ends – kind of perfectly – Bridget’s Labour is done in classic Bridget Jones humour and if you really really want to know who the baby’s is…






.. you’re gonna have to watch the film 😉



If I’m honest, I wouldn’t class this as “the best Bridget Yet” – as Renee Zellweger has undoubtfully had plastic surgery, and she didn’t put weight on for the role as she has in the previous films ( no disrespect) but I feel as if you lose a bit of Bridget’s charm. The reason we all love Bridget in the first place is because she was relatable, every girl struggles with weight and looking like crap in the morning, with her looking well (and slightly plastic – sorry Renne) i don’t feel the connection as I have done in the past. PLUS I don’t think many things beat the ‘im feeling naked, naked as a baby’ or her getting a group of Thai women singing like a virgin in jail-  Saying that, i would recommend you to see this film as it is genuinely white hilarious and classic Bridget Jones 👸🏻



3/5 cupcakes.



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