Autumn Feels.

This week is the first proper week I feel like we are hitting Autumn, and I love autumn. Everyone gives me a funny look when I say i prefer Autumn to Summer (yeah that look you’re giving me right now) but I do! I love the idea of dark nights and cosy nights by a bonfire, reading books and having hot chocolates – MOSTLY it means i can start wearing 90% of my wardrobe again .. score!

It can’t just be me, it might be the fact i grew up in Northern Ireland, but I find great comfort in this time of year. The leaves changing colour is mesmerising, sitting at home, wrapped up in a heavy duvet listening to the rain pound against the window. The only other feeling that beats this is watching snow fall.

So here are my three steps to a perfect Autumn, for me – it’s Hot Chocolate, Books and Halloween.


Also means, tis the season to be reading. Now I am a massive book worm, I haven’t had time until recently do to a lot of reading, due to work, but I am now (muhahah). So, my September/October reads this year are…

YES. Bridget bloody Jones. Now, the reason i’m highlighting these wonderul books is because they are so much funnier to read than watch the movies, trust me on this one. The first one on the left i’ve already read ( after watching the movie.obvs) and it is honestly so much funnier than the movie, also contains a lot of info’ that isn’t in the movies!  If you haven’t seen any of the films – where have you been!? Have you been under a rock somewhere!? – good place to start with the books – set out in her classic diary format with her weekly weigh ins (hilarious) With Bridget Jones’s Baby in cinemas to its a great chance to catch up on the whole Bridget Jones Saga AND cuddle up with a good book 🙂

Second book – well technically number 4 .. is


This one just sounds like a hoot – typical ditsy English primary school teacher moves to very strict Upper East Side New York adhered by a wealthy family, they mix a little and it just sounds quite fun. Dawn French is hilarious and one of my favourite comedians ever. I used to watch Vicar of Dibly religiously as a child yes I was a slightly odd child I just find her too whitty so why not .. eh?


I don’t care if you’re a coffee person or whatever but Autumn means hot chocolate so my best one i could recommend to you is IF you’re in costa and you fancy splashing out, order the Black Forest Hot Chocolate last year they brought it out for christmas, and they actually sell it all year around if you ask for it. It is geniunely the god of hot chocolates. Cherry syrup with whipped cream, chocolate sprinkles and a flake. HEAVEN.IN.A.MUG.


Okay so I have been notoriously crap at pumpkin carving until last year when I found out when i found out how to properly do it – previously it was just shapes re-arranged onto the shape of a face. These however were last years pumpkins..


Horrible quality BUT 100 TIMES BETTER than previous – i have no photos i am ashamed. Now this – this wasn’t actually hard to do no i am not lying.

Pumpkin Stencils can be found anywhere on the internet you don’t need to look hard, you don’t even need to cut the stencil out, you just tape it to your pumpkin. You do however need a pumpkin carving kit – which i know sounds like “oh my god she takes this too seriously, who has a pumpkin carving kit’ but it was only £3 at waitrose – it includes a little prodder ( no idea what else to call it) and a little plastic knife, and an actual scoop. All you do is poke along the outline of your stencil, into the pumpkin, the cut out the bits you want.

more updates on Autumn closer to Autumn


hope you enjoy my lovelies



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