So I finished 11:22:63 about a month ago and it’s taken me this long to get around to writing a review – now, if you’re currently reading the book please do not read as it contains SPOILERS. IF you haven’t read the book and just want to know the story, then go ahead.images

So the book is based initially around the late 50’s as George Amberson (aka Jake Epping) sets out on a mission first discovered by his older friend Al, that there is intact a time portal in his burger restaurant. He instructs Jake/ George that he must go back to the assassination of J.F.Kennedy and stop Lee Harvey Oswald  from shooting him. Al himself has been back and through the time portal and gathered information on Oswald that makes sure that Jake/George can complete the mission. HOWEVER – plot twist comes in the form of a women called Sadie, whom Jake/George falls for, it is this aspect that Stephen King adds that puts a new twist upon the Story.

The plot is fantastic, although the book starts around 1953 or so, and you’re sitting there thinking – how on earth and i going to make it through to 1963. What can possibly happen before we get to 1963 – well my friend, you are wrong. The book doesn’t focus on Lee Harvey Oswald until the late 50’s early 60s, so you go on a journey through time travel yourself with Jake/George trying to understand what is essentially new world. Very vividly written you feel like you’re in the 50’s. Up to the assignations you meet some very *endearing* characters such as Frank Dunning, who is a drunk who does some .. very odd things to put it one day. You go through murders, kidnappings, more murders, hitmen, domestic violence, betting scandals, love stories, heart break the whole lot.

The book its self is very well written (duh it’s Stephen King) but it really is, for a writer who rarely if ever focus’ on love stories he has well and truly captured what love is within this book. Sadie and Jake don’t have a very smooth relationship, things happen within the book that test them both immensely, they split up momenterily also, but I found myself very attached to the relationship of these characters. I was going through the motions with them, felt every argument, every wonder, every query.

It is simply a case of plot twist after plot twist. Steven King’s writing style shine through in this book very clearly and vividly  having you on tenterhooks from the first page. It’s not laid out in year formats, but chapters within chapters and builds up slowly but steadily to the assignation of Kennedy. The ending of this book, I .. I was upset at if I am honest. The book was amazing until the ending, as it was’t what I was expecting nor what I ever thought was going to happen – going to admit that I actually cried partly at the ending. No shame whatsoever it was so heartfelt.

trying very hard not to tell you what happened.


still want to tell you..


killing me not to..


When i first started reading this book, I started reading at around 10pm at night, next thing i knew it was 7am and my parents were asking me what i was doing up so early on a Sunday. That should tell you all you need to know


Book Rating: 8/10

Synopsis: Read if you’re looking for a historical fantasy with a twist, fun, dramatic book – but it is 700 and odd pages so chose wisely




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