Antibes. Nice.

Bonjour humble viewers, if you’ve made you way to my blog and you’re actually taking the time to read this then I thank you! A week ago i made my first visit to the South of France staying in the beautiful little town of Antibes.Honestly one of the best holidays that i’ve had – minus the fact that my boyfriend and I missed our first flight there – but that’s all in the past now..

So what is this part of France like? Firstly it’s one of the safest parts of France I’ve been to, having walked around it with my other half on our own through day and night i felt very at ease, the food is fantastic and the views and shops are amazing. First on the list was the Picasso Museum in Antibes.

Looking through Picasso’s late work, allowed me to understand the artist in ways which I didn’t before. Throughout this museum it focuses mostly upon the photography of his later life and Jacqueline Roque whom focus’ in the photography heavily. Known heavily for his cubism and bring apart of the post impressionist era which included the likes of Van Gogh it was a different view being allowed into the artists personal life documented through photography – a view you dont get with the likes of other great artists such as Monet. Picasso’s final works were a mixture of styles, his means of expression in constant flux until the end of his life. Devoting his full energies to his work, Picasso became more daring, his works more colorful and expressive. A wonderful little museum to visit if you have 6 euro free and don’t fancy a little hike up to the top 🙂

What I did love about this place was all the little art shops hidden in very nook and cranny down windy narrow streets where very lovely little antique shops like this.

The art is just so colourful an vibrant around Antibes, down little streets like this you could see artist upon artist just sat in their studio painting the coast and the scenes around them – something I WISH the UK would take on board.

BUT the most amazing part of this holiday was the trip to Monaco!


Monaco is off the scale. It’s one of the most overwhelmingly wealthy places i’ve ever been to in my life and i loved every minute about it. We started by walking around to the Oceanographic Museum, which if you’re in Monaco definetly is worth a visit. It’s a short museum in a beautiful building (fantastically air conditioned FYI) with tonnes of different sea life for you to ponder at while exploring this beautiful little city. Peak of this museum is the fact that you can pet some baby sharks (harmless of course) but still non the less a very cool experience.

But .. you guys don’t want to hear about my time in a Museum do you, you want to see what people come to Monaco to see .. Introducing..

                                           MONTE CARLO CASINO

This is a place that will stick with me forever, i’ve never witnessed cars and wealth like this before and I was in a complete awe. You see people driving cars like this all the time on TV but when you see 7 of them in a line and just people (who you would assume ordinary people like you and i) getting out of them was truly fantastic.

BEWARE – wear good walking shoes- i didn’t – it is a hike up to the casino also.

Anyway that’s all folks

stau tuned for more posts once i get the hang of this about more goings on in my life – might be book reviews, more travel, christmas buzz etc

see you soon



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